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½ August 5, 2016
So bad, just don't do it
January 30, 2016
Fight club meet death match.
June 17, 2015
I thought it was Great! I Love straight to DVD movies like this cause even though they are usually Very low budget the action is usually pretty good. And this was the perfect example. They should have had a better fight choreographer but it was still good.
½ April 30, 2015
So bad, Not sure why I watched this. I recommend Battle Royale (foreign awesome version), The Condemned (guilty pleasure/my first version), Hunger Games (teenie version), or Arnie's Running Man (80's action style). This low budget crap version of this overdone genre was unneeded.
½ April 20, 2015
At least, it is one of Kellan's best...
½ March 1, 2015
No real resolution, an obviously broken moral compass and terrible acting. At least Samuel L Jackson clearly knew what he was getting into and just had fun with it.
February 16, 2015
Now here's an action movie that sucked me in. The plot is simple as people are forced to fight for online users but the action is fast paced.
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½ December 1, 2014
Human trafficking is one of the most heinous crimes imaginable, but what if it was used for something other than sex or slavery? The story of Arena is of a rich millionaire, who wanted to blend the UFC with Roman gladiators. The people taken are all men in excellent shape, who believe they're about to have sex with a beautiful woman, when they are kidnapped, and forced to fight to the death on a highly popular internet site. Everyone from the rich to college kids bet on the fights and then determine the fate of the loser. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from a film like this, but the story far exceeded my expectations. There is a huge back story to their most recent acquisition, a firefighter from Denver who is dubbed as Death Dealer. Kellan Lutz plays him and is one of these OC, Twilight, model types, who gives a surprising performance. This guy must have some kind of special fight training and portrayed this scary dude, who just wasn't going to give up. He's paired with the legendary Samuel L. Jackson, who was his usual hilarious, twisted self. Jackson is one of these guys who is just at a point in his career where everything he does is worth watching, and in a relatively small role, he really adds a lot to this film. Arena was a little better than I expected, until it reached it's conclusion. At the end of this film, there was a huge twist that would have made M. Night Shamalyan proud. I really didn't see it coming and the ending changes the whole theme of the movie. It's the kind of ending that makes you want to watch the film again, after you know the ending, to see if there were clues to figuring out the truth earlier than it was revealed. Arena is far from an award winning film, but it's got much more going for it then I ever would have expected. It's got some crazy violence, but there is also has a pretty compelling story, with an ending that will absolutely blow your mind.
September 21, 2014
very gorey but good movie
½ June 23, 2014
Hay guapura y esta bien para el taco de ojos pero no esperes encontrar algo más que unas buenas dosis de sangre
April 20, 2014
samual l jackson always plays a good bad guy
½ March 24, 2014
Horrible, horrible movie. An obvious Hunger Games rip-off the script is bad, the acting is worse and the CGI is on par with what I except from kids at film makers summer camp.
½ March 10, 2014
Kellen lutz. So you know it's bad
February 23, 2014
An ok movie. Nothing special.
½ February 20, 2014
At no point during the making of "Arena" did the filmmakers make a single good decision. It's that bad. Dreadful in every way, shape, and form. Which means it's (unintentionally) hilarious.
½ January 15, 2014
It was decent for the action and modern feel to it. But the story needed an uplift and felt a little boring...
½ January 7, 2014
Nothing great. Some decent action scenes.
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January 4, 2014
This is another film I only saw on TV so I missed much of the bloody scenes. I think I have seen this before but I cannot quite remember. It was not good but it was entertaining enough to hold my attention. Just putting it out there, I think Kellan Lutz could make a good Finnick Odair (still, Sam Claflin's Finnick is perfection).
December 31, 2013
Ewww. I don't like blood & guts but it's Kellan Lutz so I had to watch... I wish I didn't. Couldn't see those gorgeous abs under all the blood. Gross!
December 17, 2013
disgusting piece of filth. Samuel has sunk to an all-time low and should be ashamed of himself. anyone involved in this couldn't possibly have an original thought. I turned it off after the opening scene. a waste of good cinematography.
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