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July 9, 2018
The Aristocats is in there with the good ones. It is light and pleasant and funny, the characterization is strong, and the voices of Phil Harris and Eva Gabor are charming in their absolute rightness.
November 28, 2017
The carefully painted Paris setting has the watery air of Ardizzone, while light and colour are used beautifully throughout.
August 20, 2012
A cute, feline version of "Lady and the Tramp" that should enthrall families . . . and, of course, cat lovers.
December 14, 2010
Jazz and hijinks make this Disney cat tale meow.
November 4, 2009
An enjoyable mix of fine animation, catchy songs, and outstanding voice characterizations.
November 4, 2009
The animals' exuberance is so infectious and their "acting" so true to human life that by the fadeout The Aristocats does, indeed, give the audience paws for reflection.
April 3, 2009
August 17, 2008
has a charm behind it that shines through
June 17, 2008
Helped immeasurably by the voices of Phil Harris, Eva Gabor, Sterling Holloway, Scatman Crothers and others, plus some outstanding animation, songs, sentiment, some excellent dialog and even a touch of psychedelia.
March 20, 2008
A nice-enough Disney feature that some consider an under-appreciated classic and others view as a movie that's distinguished only by the inclusion of a handful of cool jazz tunes.
February 19, 2008
The Aristocats is largely an up-scale cat version of 101 Dalmatians minus the deliciously dastardly villain.
February 5, 2008
Proves that even the studio's halfhearted larks still have life in them, thanks to golden-age animators...tunesmiths...and vocal talent.
June 24, 2006
Top Critic
May 9, 2005
The real beauty of the picture, which is as amusing, smoothly machined and beautifully colored as any Disney should be, is in the characterizations, sustained within a sprightly but simple format.
January 17, 2005
The cat's pajamas, dah-ling!
November 15, 2004
always a classic, if tepid
April 13, 2003
Fun, light Disney cartoon.
September 25, 2002
...don't expect [The Aristocats] to be even close to such Disney masterpieces as The Lion King or Beauty and the Beast.
August 29, 2002
February 21, 2001
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