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July 26, 2016
What a disapointment, I apreciate Sam Raimis love for Harryhausen films and the 3 stooges, but this is NOT a horror movie, at best its a fantasy/comedy, it just pales in comparison to evil dead 1 and 2, I think thats probably why he did Ash vs evil dead series, to ward off all the hate mail, i personly think this would have been alot better recieved had he NOT made it a part of the cult fav evil dead series, because if you separate it from that, its not a bad fantasycomedy, its just the insult that pissed so many people off, we wanted gore not xena action!
July 23, 2016
This is Bruce Campbell at his finest. Army of Darkness is a hilarious slapstick Action Horror that makes it impossible to stop quoting him.
July 14, 2016
Humorous third instalment of the evil dead series of films as Ash goes to find the book of evil in an attempt to get back home.
July 9, 2016
"Army of Darkness"? More like "Army of 'Meh.'" How do you went from a scary, straight horror flick to this? It's just plain corny. So many crappy one liners. Yes, I laughed over a few of them, but it gets annoying after a while. The plot is just ridiculous. Could have been much better if they didn't rush it. I guess because of budget constraints? If that's true, then why head into this direction? It's the like the writers ran out of ideas. Sam Raimi, I think you're a great director, but you fucked up this series with this corny, cheesy, childish third installment of the "Evil Dead" trilogy. Please, bring back horror again instead of going full blown comedy.
July 7, 2016
The stars reflects my personal feelings about this film. I'll start by saying I can see why people enjoy this movie. It's funny and action packed. Bruce Campbell is still a joy and the effects are still amazing. The camera work is also good. On a technical level, it is closer to a 6 or 7.

However, this is my review. I thought the story and over the top tone dragged this way down. I disliked the douche direction they went with Ash and thought the script would have felt better with Jim Carrey (I know what I said...err...typed) I rarely laughed and thought that the tone change was uncalled for. Yes, ED2 was over the top and tongue in cheek feeling. However, they still kept it balanced with the scares and the isolated location. This just felt cheesy and like Rami was high on everything.
June 23, 2016
Army of Darkness is the third installment in the Evil Dead trilogy. The movie follows Ash as he gets sucked back in time to A.D. 1300 and has to find the Necronomicon in order to come back to his time but after raising the dead, Ash along his fellow knights will have to fight off the Army of Darkness. This movie like the previous two installments is excellent. This movie like the second one doesn't take itself too seriously and produces some hilarious moments. Bruce Cambell is once again great as Ash and delivers a great and hilarious performance as well as does some great physical humor. The story itself is interesting and different from the previous two but still has some of that old school Evil Dead feel to it even if its nothing like the previous two and is all out cheesy and campy in the good way. Overall this movie is fantastic and hilarious. 4/5
May 28, 2016
This is probably the most famous of the "Evil Dead Trilogy", but it is pretty much NOTHING like the Evil Dead movies. It is very cheesy and yet also very funny. A lot of famous one-liners came out of this movie. It is a fun and campy movie.
May 22, 2016
Bonkers, ridiculous, and just plain awesome. Compare it with its horror predecessors all you like, I smiled more during this than during either Evil Dead film.
May 9, 2016
Another great entry in the Evil Dead franchise. It's almost impossible to hate this movie, there's so much charm and entertainment to it. It looks a lot like the second one, the effects are extremely cheap, but comedic. It's weird, cause this was a big budget film, I don't know where did all the money go into. But anyways, it's really good and funny and won't dissapoint you at all. And it has it's gore limits, not like the first two films. Recommended !!
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½ May 3, 2016
It's stupid, campy and silly - but that is exactly what Army of Darkness was aiming to be in the first place, and succeeds thanks to it's charming special effects and wonderfully fun performance by Bruce Campbell.
½ April 28, 2016
It may not be what its predecessors were, but Army of Darkness offers amazing practical effects, and charming tongue-in-cheek humor.
April 16, 2016
A big joke, but a good one. The three Evil Dead films are like a long film, because there's no timeouts between the events of the films. The greatest trilogy to watch at Halloween.
½ March 27, 2016
God this movie is so awesome. Entertaining, gorey, funny, unique... just greatness.
½ March 19, 2016
Army of Darkness is the third film of the Evil Dead series, directed by Sam Raimi, written by the Raimi brothers, and it stars Bruce Campbell in a comedy film about Ash Williams being trapped in the Middle Ages and has to deal with the deadites to get to the present time. Out of all the movies in this series, Army of Darkness is the one that I watched the least, which I think is because I didn't like how it went to comedy with little to no horror in it. So I remember it being the least liked for it, but I was quite sure if I liked it at the time, or didn't liked it. So after watching this, Army of Darkness is the best Evil Dead movie by comparison, but it's the funniest one out of all of them, and I still enjoyed it very much. Bruce Campbell is having a lot of fun in this, whether it is being a bad*bleep*, an a hole, and wacky. The one liners that he says are very quotable as the dialogue is pretty good. The story is good, and the humor it has is really funny. The slapstick is funny, which is saying something, and the writing is just great. The effects are great, both visual and stop-motion effects. The score by Joseph LoLuca and the theme song by Danny Elfman is catchy to listen, and the action scenes are a delight to watch. The only problem that I had, is that I didn't really seem much of a chemistry between Ash and Shelia, but despite that, Army of Darkness is a really great end to the trilogy that is my favorite horror trilogy.
March 11, 2016
This is easily the best film in Sam Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy. The film is genuinely hilarious with tons of memorable and quotable one-liners, and this is the film where Ash fully comes into his own and becomes the character that I've come to know and love.

March 7, 2016
Bruce Campbell is god!.... simple as. It may be the weakest of the Evil Dead trilogy, and you could certainly say it somewhat tries a little bit too hard, but Army Of Darkness is an insane amount of fun, it caps off in style possibly the most diverse (and outside of the back to the future/indiana jones and lord of the rings trilogy, the most consistent) trilogy of films ever, each one was radically different to the last, the first being a grungy, nasty masterpiece of hardcore gory darkness laced with black, black humor, the second (and absolute) best a sort of remake of the first, and an outright live action cartoon, Evil Dead 2 is an explosion of ferocious insanity, hilarity and demented invention, and Army is a python-esque medieval, action adventure, fantasy, comedy epic. It's ragged, overblown and sometimes slapdash but just utterly fucking joyful. The directors cut on US blu ray is the only version you or anyone should be watching, that this movie took THIS long to be seen in all it's glory is mad, you get more battle, more glorious gags and the entire unbutchered sequence of ASh being attacked by mini versions of himself, the full version of this scene is a sublime extended bit of insanely silly slapstick and highlights the comedic genius of Bruce Campbell, in not sure there is a better psychical comedian in the last 30 years. This is also the full Ash, the truly complete character we came to know and love, brash, macho, stupid, clumsy, disastrously incompetent at times and when it comes down to it, an outright badass of an action hero, it's like the three movies gradually assemble this character into who we now think he always was from the start (in the first film he's basically a complete little weed who nuts up and becomes the final guy) and the film is packed full of madcap cartoon nuttiness and crazy action and effects, plus an hilariously bleak ending. This movie is always a true pleasure to watch. Massively quotable too, "give me some sugar baby" and for the cheap seats, "this is my BOOM STICK"! brilliant.
February 16, 2016
Yes, it is funny! But, you do need to be in a jolly mode per-se, to climb into the madness and absurd humor and endless cheezyness. Itīs entertaining and dearing in regards to the unholy un-self rigtheousness.
February 12, 2016
Easily one of my favorite movies
Spooky,goofy and fun to watch
And the dark ending caught me of guard and dare I say it scared me!!!!
February 10, 2016
Hail to the king baby!
January 19, 2016
Absolutely mental. The slapstick in this when Ash is in the cabin is priceless. Campbell's physical comedy is outstanding. Groovy.
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