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April 8, 2019
Arrival is one of those films I'll always remember fondly, it was still professionally made and really well told, acted and shot. A perfect sci-fi film.
April 2, 2019
I like that it really goes for it and has bold ideas.
March 30, 2019
Villeneuve shoots for the stars and falls short, but ARRIVAL's slow-burning intensity and Adams' leading performance are enough to invade our thoughts.
March 18, 2019
Depending on which yardstick you want to use, Arrival qualifies as Villeneuve's biggest success to date.
February 14, 2019
[Arrival] is a thoughtful and sophisticated take on first contact, a beautifully-made film with dynamite performances that manages to explore some of the more complex questions that might be raised by our species' first close encounter.
January 23, 2019
An enlightening tale about the human mind, communication and perception, Arrival is thoughtful and thought-provoking.
January 22, 2019
"Arrival" is challenging yet comforting science fiction and frankly it's about time.
January 10, 2019
It has some amazing moments, but ultimately, it just can't reach greatness because of some choice decisions.
January 2, 2019
In a refreshing gender role-reversal, Louise's male science partner plays the support character who deepens the main storyline of a woman.
January 2, 2019
A startlingly original film. This alien meets professor film is more layered character drama than thriller. Look out for the use of sound and color to express Amy Adams' character's growth and change.
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