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September 2, 2020
Arthur still does as he pleases.
June 7, 2019
While it is essentially a one-joke comedy, it is buoyed by likable performances by its capable cast,
January 8, 2019
This Arthur closely tracks the plot of the original, but it has a heart of its own.
April 7, 2012
Gives Brand ample opportunity and excuse to trot out his wisecracking, chemically-addled man-child schtick in a sturdy and believable narrative context.
November 5, 2011
There is no real reason for this movie to exist, but with Brand's winning star turn, it's likable and its heart is in the right place.
August 23, 2011
Maybe Russell Brand's lot in life is to play raging substance abusers who eventually are redeemed.
July 6, 2011
If you're not wedded to Dud's trust fund drunk, there's no reason not to enjoy this sweet and affectionate retread.
May 5, 2011
This is far from a sophisticated movie but the simplicity of the story allows it to have a lot of fun playing with the outrageous characters and silly sight gags.
April 26, 2011
If you find the Brand brand toxic, you'll probably want to give his wasted wastrel a slap, but Brand's narcissistic self-absorption actually suits the character of Arthur very well.
April 25, 2011
A refreshingly good-natured and gender-equal comedy.
April 22, 2011
April 22, 2011
Brand fan? You'll likely enjoy his antics. But Russellophobics would be better off seeking out the original.
April 22, 2011
Arthur boasts some nice moments, most of them involving Mirren and Brand whose on screen rapport sustains interest through the 110 minute running time.
April 22, 2011
Arthur 2.0 may not be a great film - and Brand's shtick is admittedly starting to wear thin - but the film contains more laughs than most of the Hollywood product poured down our throats.
April 22, 2011
Far from irritate the hell out of you in this, surprisingly, Brand injects a new infectious fun feeling into Arthur.
April 20, 2011
Arthur is riddled with clichs, suffers from a trite - occasionally offensive - screenplay, and has flatter direction than any Russell Brand vehicle deserves. [But] I could watch [he] and ... Greta Gerwig flirt for hours on end.
April 20, 2011
A light-hearted but enjoyable remake thanks largely to Russell Brand's charismatic and larger-than-life onscreen persona.
April 20, 2011
Brand may be an actor of limited talents, but he is funny and so is Arthur.
April 20, 2011
Much as I wanted to dislike this movie, I admit to laughing out loud a couple of times, chuckling at Mirren's dry delivery of some choice one-liners and being won over by Brand by the end.
April 20, 2011
Turns out to work surprisingly well, thanks to likeable comic performances and a script that's at least consistently amusing, if never laugh-out-loud funny.
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