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September 14, 2017
I may have not really liked the show in the first place, but even I can tell this movie is garbage.
Arthur's Missing Pal is dog litter fed to the mouths of movie DVDs.
The story is predictable, the animation is heinous, the characters are the same as ever and the songs are great songs wasted with the execution.
Fan of the show or not, you should skip this movie.
It's doesn't have good writing, it doesn't have good animation, it doesn't have good songs and it even worth being remembered as a film The Burning Medallion Of Badness.
½ September 21, 2015
Its kind off uncomfortable to watch and hear, but to truly appreciate it you have to be a fan of the show if not than it's kind of a misplaced cg romp!
½ December 16, 2014
It's always sad to watch a dog's misadventures as this put more poignant in the movie than the original series. But this movie is funny and cute with the animation being more appealing with a good heart. (B)

(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)
November 27, 2013
Great movie, despite being CGI.
July 29, 2013
I grew up watching a few TV shows (I was usually on the computer playing Backyard Sports all the time usually.) and one of the few TV shows that has left a huge impression on me, that show was Arthur, started airing in 1996. I still like the Arthur TV show, even if season 16 is starting to mark a similar route like Spongebob Squarepants did after it's own movie in 2004, but that is besides the point.

Arthur's Missing Pal was riding on the shoulder's after a the well received Arthur's Perfect Christmas (2000) and Arthur It's Only Rock and Roll (2002). However, being the kid I was back in those days, I did not see it when it aired on TV, I only saw it after I found the movie on Youtube. I watched it... and there is only one thing to say: They tried.

The plot is simple enough, Pal goes missing while Arthur is part taking in a water balloon fight, and then he along with Buster Baxter try to find him, simple enough... there was a few things that bugged me about it though.

First was the character of D.W. Read (Luciano Rauso), she was a complete annoyance almost every time she was on screen, it could be the way her voice sounds but she was a huge flaw to get over to enjoy it... but it did not end there, they had to put in one too many songs in there and all except one of them were terrible.

I know it is just a minor inconvenience to other people, but the ENTIRE voice cast for this are not the same people who voice them in the TV series, the old quote goes: "If it isn't broken, do not bother to fix it." Come on, the only people who got their voices right are Arthur, Buster, Binky and David (Arthur's Dad), the rest of them do not match at all...

I would have also enjoyed it more if the falling action did not meet the conclusion by dumb luck, like I usually do, I do not give the ending away, but if I can say one thing about it, it is just a weird coincidence that one of the main character's houses was a few feet way from where the plot device was supposed to get to.

Overall, it is not really a thing for me, it could be because of my age... but for some reason, I was expecting something better. Maybe next time, I guess?
½ February 26, 2013
Great movie, but the animation wasn't my cup of tea.
June 30, 2012
This movie was terrible. The animation is awful, and the plot was obvious, which made the already awful plot all the more pointless.
May 14, 2011
A REMAKE OF THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY WITH Eminem As Clint Eastwood would be better than this murder of Marc Brown's Handiwork
You Have Failed me for the last time!
½ February 6, 2011
This movie has no detail.
The plot is nice, but the animation is bad.
+30% for plot but -20% for animation.
September 27, 2010
Arthur's Missing Pal is an incredibly bland kiddie flick with lackluster animation, an uninspired plot, and little to no redeeming qualities.
½ September 17, 2006
C&P from my latest issue of Tickle my Playhouse because I couldn't be arsed into writing another review for it.

Re: Tickle my Playhouse: The Fall edition

Tickle my Playhouse Day 2: Arthur's Missing Pal.

Well, the inevitable came. And sadly, well, the gods are also going to
hate me for this.

Packaging: well, at least the packaging is decent. Not an el-cheapo cardboard-plastic DVD box combination like the one CRBM came in. The coupons booklet provided are pretty much useless over here. However, the biggest disappointment came when I ran DVDGenie on the disc: it was Region-1 only. Earlier Arthur DVDs were region-free. B-

Characters: Well, most of the characters' voices are reasonably close to the TV actors season-1-wise, but for some reason Francine sounded a lot like an Actimates D.W. Apart from that, not too please seeing Arthur and Buster "broiling" D.W. Must kill Mary Moo Cow. B

Opening theme: Just an instrumental piece. A Break from the typical Ziggy Marley fare, but I didn't like it. C

Music: Pessimistic mostly, and mostly unmemorable. Must kill Mary Moo Cow. D-

Plot: Not worth mentioning, moving on... Oh, wait, I'm not gonna get away that easy, huh? Okay. So the movie opens with a water baloon fight. Arthur forgets to feed Pal, so Pal drinks a lot of water and needs to Go-P. After almost getting drowned in the toilet bowl, D.W. lets Pal out of the house, and trouble ensues. Arthur finds out Pal is missing, we have the typical so-close-yet-so-far scenes, the typical boy-misses-dog-at-night scene, a long boring video playback of Pal's romp through an ice-cream factory, more so-close-yet-so-far scenes, Buster going out of character by reveailing that he liked Mary Moo Cow in the past, and a chase scene that got me excited, but only because it's almost the end of the movie (I had the progress counter visible throughout the movie). D-

Ruminations: Well, lots of things went wrong here. Overly-recycled plot, bad animation, bad sound mixing (the center and subwoofer sound channels were too loud throughout the movie, drowning out the other speakers). Buster was acting out of character nearing the end of the movie, they broiled D.W., etc. Just... so not the Arthur I know. I wasn't moved to get a plush Pal. They tried to keep the music upbeat, but the lyrics are still passimistic, ain't gonna fall for that, sorry.

Overall score: C
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