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This film's title refers to a fictional legal loophole which states that American veterans cannot be treated in VA hospitals unless their illnesses are related to military service. The pinchpenny administrator of a Kansas City hospital intends to follow this proviso, while his irreverent staff tries to circumvent the rules.
Comedy , Drama
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Orion Home Video

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Ray Liotta
as Dr. Sturgess
Kiefer Sutherland
as Dr. Morgan
Forest Whitaker
as Dr. Handleman
Lea Thompson
as Dr. Van Dorn
John Mahoney
as Dr. Dreyfoos
Keith David
as Jerome
Eli Wallach
as Abrams
Kathy Baker
as Dr. Diana Walton
Noble Willingham
as Inspector General
Julie Bovasso
as Amelia Sturdeyvant
Troy Evans
as Pat Travis
Lynne Thigpen
as Nurse White
Jeffrey Tambor
as Dr. Leo Krutz
Leo Burmester
as Shooter Polaski
Ernest Abuba
as Ikiro Tenabe
Leo Burmeister
as Shooter Polaski
Rutanya Alda
as Ann Travis
Michelle Little
as Nurse Pierce
Emily Houpt
as Dr. Norris
Mark Lowenthal
as Dr. Wolin
Cheryl Collins
as Nurse Stevens
Donna Thomason
as Nurse Lyles
Brenda Varda
as Nurse Nichols
Karon Wright
as Secretary
Rick Reed
as Maintenance Man
Jeff Reiland
as Maintenance Man
T. Max Graham
as Captain
Douglas Dirkson
as Freaked Patient
Ed Autry
as Mumbling Man
Timothy Graham
as Captain
Meyer L. Goldman
as Mr. Ponzini
Vince Melocchi
as Tense Patient
Ted Shonka
as McCarthy
Gwendolyn Shepherd
as Personnel Clerk
Bonita Hanson
as Clerk at Front Desk
James Medina
as Puzzled Intern
Rodney McCay
as Orderly
C.L. Foster Jr.
as Cigarette Vet
Joe Greve
as Lobby Vet
Tracy Sloat
as Gomer Ward Nurse
Erik Holland
as Gomer Ward Patient
Debra Bluford
as Men's Ward Nurse
Larry Kirchner
as Men's Ward Patient
John Lafayette
as Neurologist
C. Craig Satterlee
as Radiologist
Lynn King
as Pathology Lab Tech
Joe Lerer
as Reporter
Kathy Quinn
as Nurse in Cafeteria
Ann Redow
as Nurse in Bathroom
Jophery C. Brown
as Admitting Guard
Kevin Brief
as Sleeping Security Guard
Granvile O'Neal
as Security Guard
Henry Levingston
as Security Guard
Kevin Davidson
as Inspector General's Aide
Donald Bishop
as New Director
Harold Hauss
as Helicopter Pilot
John C. McGinley
as Dr. Rudy Bobrick
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Critic Reviews for Article 99

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It tries to be satirical and valiant, but doesn't quite get there.

October 15, 2004
Kansas City Kansan

Scores some good points with its moral condemnation of an institution that puts saving money ahead of saving lives.

Full Review… | July 18, 2003
Spirituality and Practice

Audience Reviews for Article 99


Article 99 (Howard Deutch, 1991) [originally posted 18Jun2001] Here's an interesting concept. Take a director whose career is rapidly fading, give him a star whose career is rapidly fading, and stock his film with rising stars. Think you can come up with a saleable product? You can if you're Howard Deutch (Pretty in Pink) and Kiefer Sutherland (The Lost Boys). Article 99 was the last good film Sutherland made before the dry spell that ended with Dark City; Deutch is still looking for a comeback film. Sutherland is surrounded by then-rising stars who have since become household names, including Ray Liotta (fresh off the success of Goodfellas), Kathy Baker (a year before Picket Fences), Keith David (still best known for playing Childs in Carpenter's 1982 remake of The Thing), and Lynne Thigpen (who, come to think of it, still hasn't gotten the recognition she deserves). Put the lot of them in a VA hospital, as (all except David, who plays a sociopathic-but-likable Vietnam vet) they try to cut through all the red tape and just do their jobs, while the hospital's administrator (John Mahoney, now known as Frasier's dad) tries to hamstring them at every turn. It doesn't sound like a recipe for the kind of comedy Deutch is used to directing, but somehow it all works, with the doctors and the administration battling it out until things go just one step too far, as they usually do in movies. And it still could have fallen flat on its face if not for the very last scene, as the end credits begin rolling. It's a feel-good movie that doesn't allow you to feel good. Now THAT'S an accomplishment. *** 1/2

Robert Beveridge
Robert Beveridge

Wasnt bad, I thought it would be alot better considering the cast. Loved when Keifer donned the floppy hat as his father did in M.A.S.H

Lee Kyle
Lee Kyle

Super Reviewer


A very entertaining film about the innovative means by which doctors in a veterans hospital try and actually help the patients,while being thwarted by bureaucratic red tape at every turn.

Audrey Lush
Audrey Lush

Super Reviewer

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