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March 4, 2013
Normally, I don't watch made-for-television movies unless the story they're trying to tell is interesting or exciting. But I remember back when I was much younger, seeing this on TV for the first time with my parents, and being completely hooked on it ever since. For what it's worth, this made-for-TV movie has a very interesting plot that's held together with a blend of good performances from Judge Reinhold, Crystal Bernard and everybody else who starred in this movie. If I ever chose to make a list on some of the world's early 1990's TV movies that had the potential to achieve a "cult following", this would probably be number 1 on that list.
August 9, 2009
Susan lets her broke friend use her insurance information for a hospital visit, but when her friend ends up unexpectedly dying, Susan is effectively rendered "dead". It's a fantastic set-up, but this made-for-TV flick from Larry Cohen loses steam once it forces an unlikely antagonist onto Susan's already-interesting plight, insecurely taking a great concept-thriller down to the level of a predictable whodunit.
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