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April 12, 2016
I feel that Pierre Etaix' short films are stronger than his features, so it comes to no surprise that I enjoyed As Long As You've Got Your Health as much as I did. This movie is an anthology that strings together vignettes regarding vampires, rush hour traffic, a crowded movie theater, and a jaunt to a pastoral setting. Each quadrant is amusing, likable, and paced with expert finesse. I'd argue that, while Pierre Etaix is still borrowing heavily from his heroes, As Long As You've Got Your Health is the first film where Mr. Etaix has transcended his influences and found his own artistic voice.
June 3, 2013
This movie is a collection of four shorts:

Insomnia: A strange short film in which a man cannot sleep because he is reading a Dracula inspired novel. Not very funny, just weird.

The Movies: The best in the bunch in my opinion, its about Pierre trying to get a decent seat in a packed and loony cinema, and then he ends up in a vicious world where everyone is a commercial

As Long As Your Healthy: A nervous wreck doctor prescribes unneeded medicine to his patients, with one hilarious result

Into the Woods No More: Not much happens here, Pierre is a hunter, and there are three other people doing stuff
April 19, 2013
A few laughs and clever bits submerged in much mediocrity dragged out for too long.
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