Ashes of Time Redux Reviews

October 2, 2019
Convoluted, cryptic and confusing, but it looks and sounds amazing.
August 13, 2018
Without a comprehensible plot, Ashes of Time Redux feels like a waste of time.
August 30, 2009
It's hard to recommend a film as frustratingly inaccessible as this one, but if you go into the theater expecting a trip to an art gallery, you might be pleasantly surprised.
March 12, 2009
Redux clocks in at a slightly shorter running time than any of the previous versions Wong has offered. The tighter edit is a better fit, but ultimately, it's not enough.
December 30, 2008
It's like watching paint dry--which isn't very exciting, however pretty the colors.
December 12, 2008
I know Kar Wai's got a fanbase, but to me he's equivalent to a recent film school graduate using all of the post-production tricks that he's learned, either to show off what he's learned or to cover up his lack of talent.
November 21, 2008
Maybe something gets lost in the translation, as often happens, but Wong may be giving us the first Eastern.
November 20, 2008
Beautiful to look at, with painterly compositions, gorgeous, emotionally charged close-ups and slick, elegant transitions. It's all for naught because the story seems no more coherent than the flourishes of a kaleidoscope.
November 14, 2008
For this director's cut, Wong has trimmed several minutes and reorganized the narrative according to the passage of seasons, though the plot is still impenetrable.
November 14, 2008
Wong Kar-Wai doesn't supply much of a plot with a narrative engine to pull us through.
November 13, 2008
The film remains an acquired taste at best.
November 13, 2008
I struggled to engage with the archetypes contained within the images, even with all that meticulously restored golden-yellow sand.
November 13, 2008
Wong Kar Wai seems considerably more out of his depth than other Chinese filmmakers who have slummed in the martial arts genre. This can't compare to Chen Kaige's The Emperor and the Assassin or Yimou Zhang's House of Flying Daggers.
November 7, 2008
Would we have wanted Picasso to go to the Prado with a brush and some tubes of paint to 'fix' portions of 'Guernica' that he no longer liked?
October 10, 2008
Wong's reconstruction fails to reinvigorate this romantic epic.
September 12, 2008
I found its flashbacks and general structure muddled and opaque, and I am unsure how rewarding the film's intricacies and indulgences look now.
September 12, 2008
It makes for frustrating and unreasonably demanding viewing.
July 20, 2004
January 1, 1800