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½ June 17, 2015
Writing comes in many forms, some are prettier and harder to nail down than others.
½ May 14, 2015
ok but not a documentary as flixter suggests good drama
January 11, 2015
Too depressing to finish watching.
January 23, 2014
Flat. Colin Farrell is miscast and fails to capture the passion of the Italian writer. Salma does a decent job. Could've been great but wasn't. Would like to read the novel to compare.
December 30, 2013
It's a nice film, well shot, with some amazing locations but somehow it feels a little too cheap and a bigger budget might have helped a little bit this nonetheless interesting film.
April 27, 2013
Ask the Dust is a interesting film thanks to the good performances of Salma Hayek and Colin Farrell. Other than that, it fails on every other level.
January 11, 2013
Enjoyable romance wherein Colin Farrell acts like a total jerk for no reason and Salma Hayek just accepts it because she's Mexican(?) It comes across better than it sounds in a single-sentence summary.
January 2, 2013
sadly done borderline pathetic...
December 16, 2012
Better than I thought it would be. Really good.
½ December 7, 2012
''You call me beautiful at home, then you are ashamed to be seen with me in public. You are ashamed of beauty you recognize that no one else does. You are ashamed to love me!''

In the 1930s, penniless Arturo Bandini (Farrell) lodges in LA and tries to become an author, worrying that he?s too inexperienced to have anything to write about. He has a complex relationship with Camilla (Hayek), a Mexican waitress, which eventually inspires him to finish a novel.

Colin Farrell: Arturo Bandini

Salma Hayek: Camilla

Mesmerizing narration, acting and story, Ask The Dust shows the desperation of the times.
Colin Farrel and Salma Hayek have some good chemistry and some good narration and voice-overs. You become attached to Colin's character as he progresses through the story.

The upshot is a careful, deliberately old-fashioned picture which has many admirable qualities. Filmed in South Africa, it creates a distinctive vision of 30s LA that doesn't overlap too much with Towne's Fante-influenced script for Chinatown. It fills a hillside hotel with deadbeats and eccentrics (including Donald Sutherland) and springs several surprising forces of nature, from unexpectedly heavy waves that turn a nude midnight swim into a near-death experience, to an earthquake that tears up a pavement.

There's a startling supporting turn from Idina Menzel as a character so unusual the film comes to life when she barges in and finds it hard to not leave an impression.
In contrast, Colin Farrell and Salma Hayek (who both look way too healthy and buff) play characters who are frustratingly charismatic. Their affair dawdles in squabbles for an hour, before finally coming into focus in intimate flourishing scenes.

Cinematographer Caleb Deschanel's shots are each a marvel of painterly cinema, just the right brownish, noir-ish lighting and shadows to create a marginal world of dream and destitution where only love could create wealth. And what a love. These two leads are to the camera born, their dark good looks making them as much brother and sister as reluctant lovers. Farrell speaks almost as if he is narrating, which he does as well, his intonations are weighty, uncharacteristic of the more flamboyant characters he is used to playing. Hayek has lusty dignity with a spicy stubbornness that makes you believe she is worthy of marrying this man and living happily ever after.

End result a curiously irresistible drama, despite several strong elements,the most notable being newcomer Idina Menzel.
½ December 5, 2012
"I looked for Camilla everywhere,and everywhere I looked,all the faces seemed like mine.Tight. Worried. Lost.
Faces with the blood drained away.Faces like flowers torn from their roots,the colors fading fast."
½ May 22, 2012
Watched about 20 mins before I was more interested in getting back the 3% space on my hard drive that this self-indulgent crap was occupying
February 20, 2012
John Fante touches my heart with his words in a way very few authors do. His protagonists are always very different from myself. I have not much in common with their situation, their attitude or their way to treat people, but I find myself in their way of thinking, in the foggy cloud that seems to hang over their heads and their struggle to get what they want, though all seems hopeless.

Arturo Bandini (Colin Farrell) is a writer. He is broke and uninspired, but he likes to brag about the story he once published. The only person he relates to is Hellfrick (Donald Sutherland). His neighbour who got gassed in WW I. Arturo's problem is, that he is a mean asshole, because he is insecure. He can't write about the real things in life. He has never experienced the real things, he was always busy sitting at the typewriter, while life was flowing by.

When Arturo meets Camilla (Salma Hayek), he gets dragged into the real life. Suddenly the fog between him and all the emotions, all the sadness and happiness, all that life that he never tasted, starts to vanish.

I never felt the same desperation during this movie, that I felt while reading the Bandini-novels. And if you had asked me, I would never have wanted Colin Farrell to play Arturo Bandini. He was ok, but absolutely pale against Donald Sutherland. I came to think, that maybe there is no recent actor who would be skilled enough to play Bandini the way he appeared in the novels.

Excuse me now, I have to cry a little more, while thinking about Camilla's words:

Arturo Bandini: "What does happiness mean to you Camilla?"
Camilla: "That you can fall in love with whoever you want to, and not feel ashamed of it."
February 19, 2012
recommended by zorarose.....
February 1, 2012
As romances go, this was decent. The characters were really well done.
½ January 21, 2012
Kept my interest but was fairly slow. Love hate relationship starts with a badly made coffee. Didn't think the other drunk lady added much to the film. Good how women kept entering his room via the window - lucky he didn't get anything stolen.
January 18, 2012
Give this movie a chance. It's really good and you won't be disappointed.
½ November 21, 2011
"You call me beautiful at home, then you are ashamed to be seen with me in public. You are ashamed of beauty you recognize that no one else does. You are ashamed to love me!"
October 3, 2011
This movie touched on some very interesting points about a couple of self-hating ethnics who feel their lives would be better if they could hide their ethnicity by getting with a blue-eyed, blond person. They take out their hate for themselves on each other, but hate turns to love. This has the foundation of an awesome movie but the filmmakers just didn't go deep enough.
September 24, 2011
Quite boring story and even though I like Selma Hayek, this movie just was tooooo long and predictible.
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