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February 7, 2015
This film was chock full of talent, and they wasted all of it.
November 26, 2005
[font=Century Gothic]Sometimes, a crappy score can ruin an otherwise good movie. Such is the case with [i]Assault at West Point.[/i] This movie is the true story of the first black cadet at West Point, who was court martialed for beating himself up in an attempt to escape taking a philosophy final scheduled for two months after the beating occurred.

Sam Waterston and Samuel L. Jackson both give really great performances, but, truly, the score has a distinctive "Movie of the Week" feel to it, and serves as a great distraction. By the 19th drumroll indicating a Very Dramatic Moment, I was ready to hunt the composer down and demand he beat himself. And then I checked out his IMDb profile, and he's the same guy who did [i]Malcom X [/i]and [i]Jungle Fever,[/i] both films with great scores. Ah well, I guess we can't hit home runs all of the time.


So, for the first time, we hit the after-Thanksgiving sales, and, even though we are pretty much anti-conspicuous consumption (we prefer ours in private, TYVM), we actually had a very good time, and picked up some good deals on the way.

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving. :D
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