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June 26, 2005
Richet's film provides more than enough entertainment in its 109 minutes
June 15, 2005
A gritty, violent journey that's about twice as good as you'd expect it to be.
May 20, 2005
It's good for a silly laugh, this stuff. And maybe this movie will draw renewed attention to Carpenter's eminently better movie.
May 16, 2005
A blast of cheesy, full throttle fun that didn't have to be made nearly as well as it was to do the job it was meant to do.
May 7, 2005
...a good, old-fashioned shoot'em up infused with today's liking for flawed, ambiguous heroes and villains who are more than just killing machines. I was pleasantly surprised.
April 27, 2005
This movie is worthy of the original.
April 13, 2005
Rudely funny and gleefully violent, the film is a wound-up genre exercise that doesn't dip even a toe into reality but is a good time if you can get past that.
April 8, 2005
Apresenta mais acertos do que erros.
April 7, 2005
...excellent action, generally good performances, and one or two genuine plot surprises.
March 6, 2005
Assault On Precinct 13 is the Tad Hamilton of 2005. What should be a forgettable genre release turns into a surprisingly watchable guilty pleasure
March 5, 2005
...attempts to update John Carpenter's 1976 no-nonsense drive-in classic--primarily by adding an enormous amount of nonsense.
February 8, 2005
Boring and tepid, it's something best forgotten about. Which you will do within an hour of seeing it.
February 7, 2005
How can these guys survive? Come and see for yourself and witness a wild battle.
February 7, 2005
A picture that has rented every fiber of its being.
February 5, 2005
a film with as much tension as the original, but far more character-based drama and psychological depth
February 1, 2005
This was perhaps an attempt to open the story up, but it only manages to slow everything down while giving us a boring, one-dimensional bad guy.
January 31, 2005
..a cocksure, stylized, gutty thrill-ride very much in the tradition of star Ethan Hawke and producer Jeffrey Silver's prior collaboration, Training Day..
January 31, 2005
The [movie's] visual signature ... is the sight of a bullet wound in the head - which, one imagines, might feel similar to the head-pounding felt after watching [it].
January 30, 2005
It is not effective as a suspense film. Aside from one or two sequences, it doesn't work at all.
January 30, 2005
delivers the action movie goods [thanks to] adroit pacing...[and] a cast of extremely capable actors.
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