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December 30, 2017
Pretty dumb boring bland story that is a movie.
November 21, 2017
If you've ever wanted to to in to space and couldn't, watch this movie.
September 30, 2017
Best family movie ever. Consistent inspiration. Recommended for habitual quitters. It may inspire them to get off their duffs.
August 15, 2017
A rather emotional movie about a washed out astronaut who dreams of going into space.
August 12, 2017
8/12/2017 (2): A nice movie basically about following your dreams, albeit through a very far fetched/impossible way.
July 13, 2017
An enjoyable story of determination and the importance of following through on your dreams. Definitely a unique experience with a charming message.
½ August 20, 2016
This was a fun family movie. It is entertaining and interesting. We enjoyed it.
July 28, 2016
Unusual film that has a point and is well made. Worth watching.
½ June 12, 2016
Although a fry cry from space classics such as Apollo 13, this nice, heartwarming family flick still has enough of the "man can do anything with love of his family behind him" theme to make it worth a watch, along with good performances from Thornton and Madsen. Farfetched but charming.
March 14, 2016
Its one of those typical underdog feel good dramas but what makes it stand out from the rest is the quality of the family aspect to this film. Its very endearing.
February 25, 2016
Anyone can dream about going into space even if you are a farmer!
½ September 13, 2015
The big little kid in all of us will and does love this little/big fable.
Super Reviewer
January 2, 2015
A good drama movie about a retired astronaut that still have a dream to reach space so he build his own rocket. This movie reminds much like "The World's Fastest Indian" with A. Hopkins and has the same spirit in a way. I enjoyed this movie and its worth seeing.
½ September 27, 2014
Never give up on your dreams, and by the end of this film you will be screaming, "I get it!" While the message isn't bad, it just shoved in your face so much that it honestly left a bad taste in my mouth; which honestly ruined what is in reality an enjoyable movie at its core.
September 24, 2014
a bit over the top....though the message through the movie was good but the movie was a bit too preachy i felt to be practically implemented for its einstein of his generation(to build a space rocket in your backyard he must be one einstein) tries too hard chasing his dream of being an astronaut after being rejected by nasa's space program...the family was too cute though and supported him blindly(you have to be one btw to support such a notion apart from being retarted too)...anyways,watch it only if you are feeling bored and have no other better alternative to watch....the movie basically just wanted to tell you that you can do anything if you really want to,like making a rocket in your backyard and then flying it.LOL.
ya at a time when we can have robots with souls like us from another planet that turn into cars, jets n stuff(in transformers) or superman,batman and group living amongst us in movies,then why cant an engineer make a space rocket at his own house...again LOL :D :D
½ August 29, 2014
Thornton tries hard, but the script is ordinary and predictable.
April 13, 2014
A movie about perseverance, dreams and trusting in those you love.
April 3, 2014
A charming little movie with a simple positive message and no more scientifically improbable than "Gravity".
½ February 25, 2014
reminded me of other better pix
January 13, 2014
I like the statement of one audience reviewer: "Too unbelievable to be real and not charming enough to be good fantasy." It actually makes me mad that people were "conned" into liking or enjoying this movie. I feel this way because its existence subverts good taste for movies. There are so many ludicrous elements in it (ludicrous: "so foolish, unreasonable, or out of place as to be amusing; ridiculous") that even my 14-year-old daughter laughed derisively at it throughout its runtime. For instance, the main character is a former astronaut who is now a farmer . . . and his name is Charles "Farmer." It's that kind of head-exploding, wink-wink, elbow-nudge, elbow-nudge type of messaging from the filmmakers that kills peoples' recognition of nuance in movies; all nuance is thrown out the window here. A good movie allows viewers to piece the puzzle together themselves; more intelligent movies--by-and-large--allow more "puzzling" by the audience, and less intelligent ones not so much. This movie just plops the completed puzzle of a pictured pizza down in front of us and invites us to partake of its cardboard cutouts. The directors just didn't seem to care with this one.

The directors also threw in a lot of oddball details . . . perhaps to distract us from the inane story. The names of the children, for example, were so completely random: the son's name is "Shepard Farmer" (ha, ha--shepard, shepherd--get it?) one daughter's name is "Stanley" (huh?), and the youngest girl is "Sunshine." And Sunshine is apparently mentally handicapped, which had nothing to do with anything. The acting was horrible, the story-telling childish, and its existence borders on movie-making blasphemy.

Perhaps what is most troublesome for me is the fact that I'm sure this story was inspired by a real person: the oddball, billionaire toy-inventor and farmer Brian Walker, who's real story and dream of going into space is much more interesting and inspiring--the filmmakers should just have acquired the rights to his--ongoing--story. When I first heard about this film, I thought that it would be just that, but it's a cheap-o knockoff instead. Skip this and read Brian's story for real entertainment.
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