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March 27, 2010
I love C. Thomas Howell, and it was neat to see him as a bad guy for a change. This film has got a great concept, and I was completely with it until the last fifteen minutes wrecked it all with a rushed and ill-conceived climax. But good up til then.
January 9, 2010
I had the pateince to stay with this movie and felt rewarded. It kind of explained itself as it went along.
September 7, 2008
pretty bad movie. Just lame. Did'nt really freak me out. ok maybe a little.
July 29, 2008
It's so bad, it's amazing! I was roaring with laughter throughout the entire movie, pausing only to see just what level of stupid they had sunk to! If you're looking for a laugh, check this out!
January 26, 2008
awful actors, non sense,childish story.
i got a bit caught in the end, cos "if you kneel, pray". so i dared to watch it until its end.
i'll be generous and rate one star, actually it deserves a half star.
April 16, 2006
Lame piece of crap. Hardly scary, poorly produced. There are a few decent scenes but it hardly makes up for the rest of the movie. You have to know anything C. Thomas Howell is in will be cheap. A waste.
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