Atlantis - The Lost Empire Reviews

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January 25, 2011
Visually imaginative and even persuasively spiritual, this animated adventure has some unusually complex villains and heroes, and some of the plot and dialogue transcends what's typical in movies intended for a broad or youthful audience.
August 7, 2008
This blandly conceived and executed attempt at a juve-style Indiana Jones with Jules Verne trappings recycles familiar adventure and cartoon devices with minimal wit and flair.
August 16, 2007
It's probably the most grown-up animated feature Disney has produced, and with its attuned vocal performances, elegant design and pulse-quickening finale, it sets a standard of sustained craftsmanship most live-action film-makers must envy.
June 21, 2001
Atlantis is good, and kids will love it, but it doesn't achieve greatness.
June 15, 2001
A new-fashioned but old-fangled hash.
June 15, 2001
The characters and story are mere narrative lubricant to get us from one digitally goosed sensory assault to the next.
February 25, 2019
It was exciting, beautifully drawn, with a fun troop of characters to root for.
March 30, 2016
Our little science-minded guy was hooked, and it's easy to see why. It's the kind of film Disney usually produces as a live-action blockbuster.
July 2, 2013
A worthwhile venture that may not go down as a modern animated classic, but it does expose Disney as a studio more than willing to break free of tradition and try something a little different, for once. It's about time.
July 5, 2011
It's too rich with invention and characterization, too packed with juice, and it gallops right along breathlessly. Even so, it manages moments of lyricism and visual elegance.
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