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AV Superstar Sasa Handa headlines this sexy, gory romp about a female high school swim team that does battle with the living dead after the entire student body is transformed into flesh-eating zombies. Aki has just arrived at her new school when she's strong armed into joining the swim team. They're short one girl after their overzealous coach beat the athlete to a pulp, and now it's Aki's job to pick up the slack. But as tough as the competition in the water may be, the real trouble starts when a demented scientist arrives to vaccinate the girls against a powerful new virus. When a simple error in judgment results in a campus overrun by zombies, Aki and the rest of the girls' swim team leap into action, slicing and dicing every green-faced gut-muncher that stands in their way. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
Art House & International , Horror


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Super low budget, and not a lot of imagination, but it manages to push the buttons you'd want it to.

Steve K
Steve K

Super Reviewer

In my never ending quest to find new zombie movies, both recently made and ones from the past that I've yet to see, I stumble upon films that appear to be too bizarre to pass up. Just the title alone of this film, Attack Girls' Swim Team vs. the Undead, was enough to convince me to check this film out. The Japanese are among the leaders in horror at the moment, so it had that going for it as well. And I love how over the top gory Japanese zombie films can get. Attack Girls' Swim Team vs. the Undead is a very low-budget film. The camera is low grade, so the movie has a graininess with the picture quality (like a home camcorder). The special effects are very low-grade, and the acting is terrible (especially the one zombie that speaks in English whenever she attacks). But these qualities are among the things that I enjoyed about the film. The following are the ones that ruined the experience for me. The movie comes off as a soft-core porno at times. There is a rather lengthy girl on girl scene, that I must admit was rather hot, but felt out of place. And then there is another sex scene that resembled something you'd see in a hentai (anime porn). I say that because most hentai films I've seen tend to have the main female character being raped, usually very aggressively, like in this film. The sex and nudity in Attack Girls' just felt out of place, and brought the movie down for me. I liked lead actress Sasa Handa, as Aki. Aki is a pretty interesting character, especially when she explains her backstory where she was abducted by a devious man and trained to become an assassin. But story elements like these kept going on the back burner, in order for more pointless nudity and sexuality to emerge. Great character, but the only aspects to her that are explored in the film were her naked body parts. There were a lot of great fight sequences in the movie, and the movie does feature a nice level of absurdity throughout. I just wish that director Koji Kawano and screenwriter Satoshi Owada would have focused more on the action/comedy film they could have had, rather than the nudity filled romp Attack Girls' Swim Team vs. the Undead turned out to be.

Bryan Gomez
Bryan Gomez

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