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March 20, 2017
Somewhat strange and campy movie with enough creepy/memorable visuals to pass as a B movie.
September 5, 2015
One of the last films in the Cult Japan program hosted by GoMa in Brisbane this winter & although noteworthy for bizarre make up this film lags heavy midway.

Directed by Japanese Movie Monster Mogul Ishiro Honda (Director of original Godzilla) this has great qualities & opens strong but fails to grab as it progresses.

Very atmospheric & I'm intrigued on what island off Japan they filmed this on. Bizarre & unusual will appeal to monster movie buffs.
September 12, 2014
Filme particularmente climático dos estúdios Toho não só explora as questões pós-atómicas recorrentes no cinema do mestre Ishirô Honda, como também desenvolve um possível paralelo com a história de Adão e Eva. Mas, quando se tem criaturas em forma de cogumelos gigantes num filme, tudo pode acontecer. As características do grupo de náufragos de "Matango" seriam mais ou menos decalcadas cinco anos mais tarde no semelhante, embora ainda mais alucinado "Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell".
July 8, 2013
A very different Toho Sci-Fi/Horror entry. "Matango" is dark and ugly. The characters are loaded with flaws and can never be counted on to do what you'd expect them to do. This offers up some fun in that there are arguments and situations that quickly escalate into life and death situations. And the weird part is, there's seldom a monster around that's stirring the problem pot.

More often than not, the crew and guests of their shipwrecked yacht fight for food and control on a strange deserted island. The only real rule is 'Don't eat the mushrooms'. While the mushroom threat sort of reveals itself earlier in the movie, the rather creepy mushroom people don't take front and center until about an hour or more into the run time. And yes, the ending scenes do get sort of creepy.

This doesn't fit the usual Toho creature feature template. It's odd and it's different and it's more of a tale of survival than a battle with beasts.
June 1, 2013
Interesting Japanese horror film.
½ March 2, 2013
Wow. Not only is this movie very well-acted, well-directed, and well-written, it also manages to be actually very eerie and frightening.
½ February 17, 2013
I remember this movie as a child and it FREAKED ME OUT!!, as weird as this movie is I still think it pretty cool.
½ February 5, 2013
matango looks awesome
June 5, 2012
Japanese movie without japanese traditions.
½ May 26, 2012
it is a strange film at times but i continue to be impressed by Ishirô Honda and his team...they really create very good atmosphere and the framing is great....the characters in the film are anoying though and not so nice....i think survival films sometimes go down this road though.
½ April 29, 2012
Ishiro Honda era un genio... :-)))
April 3, 2012
suspenseful, creepy & odd, as if made on mushrooms!!
½ February 9, 2012
Ishiro Honda goes a bit outside of his usual fare by directing this story of some castaways marooned on an island once used for atomic research. The only food supply on the island is a bountiful supply of mushrooms, but those may be connected to the bizarre sightings of fungi-monsters that rove about the island at night. Matango is kind of like Gilligan's Island tangled up with the threat of radioactive mutants. Of course, I mean that in the best possible way.
September 5, 2011
bad dubbing; weirdo visual effects.

At the end the guy says--"I got hungry, Suzy and I ate one of the mushrooms"

He turns around.

Suzy screams.

FREAKING CLASSIC . . .if you're 7 years old.
Super Reviewer
½ August 4, 2011
Downbeat, pesimistic film with a nice sense of dramatic tension and social paranoia.
½ February 20, 2011
While the title would never make one believe it, this is an amazingly creepy and terrifying film , and a true departure from anything the Toho company (Godzilla's creators-) had released. Shipwrecked survivors on an eerily-disquieting island take refuge on a decaying, derelict ship and begin feasting on the bountiful multitudes of mushroom species growing there for their survival, unaware of their dangerous and beyond-hallucinatory properties. They themselves begin morphing into tall, shambling Shitakis and Charnel Chanterelles with murderous compulsions in this fabulously far-out Fungus-Fest.
January 25, 2011
A must see for classic horror movie buffs.
December 28, 2010
This almost sounds like a plot of an episode of Gilligan's Island gone horribly wrong except it came out a year before the show ever aired. A group of people on a sailboat are caught in a storm & end up on an uncharted desert island that is over run w/ mushroom growth especially in the rainy season. Out of food some of them take to eating the fungi & turn into giant killer mushrooms themselves. The plot seems laughable & when I watched the documentary Know Your Mushrooms recently it featured this I thought I just had to see something this campy..only it isn't. Full of atmosphere, well acted (even in it's dubbed version) & even bleak @ times Matango:Attack of the Mushroom people is a joy. If I had known this is what could happen when you eat magic mushrooms I wouldn't have taken them in my formative years...well maybe. Viewing Matango even screams out for them a bit
December 12, 2010
It's hard to get any sense of the political and social commentary when the dubbing is so poor, but I don't think there's enough originallity here to warrant this any significant status. The mushroom people/monsters look pretty funny though.
December 7, 2010
One of Ishiro Honda's most underated films and probably one his best ones. Matango. For some reason i don't consider this a sci-fi film as the monsters don't appear till the end. Really it's a character study film on seven close friends who were very close and when they land on the island they become selfish, Bitter and Violent due to the lack of food and water on the island they are stuck on. What really makes this film a gem is the well developed Characters and Powerful Performance we get from the actors. Let's get to the film

The story begins with Seven Passengers. A professor, A Singer, A Billionaire, A Writer, A Skipper, A First Mate and A the Professor's gilfriend(Reminds you of a sitcom) who all get lost out to sea during a storm and land on a isolated island with nothing but an abandon ship and a load of giant mushrooms.

When they enter the boat they find nobody in the ship but find some intresting items. A Box of Canned Food, A Rifle, A Captain's Log and A Giant Mushroom called Matango. After Reviewing the items, The Captain Tells the crew there's only enough food for a week, and warns the crew not to eat the mushroom around the island as it might be poisonous.

After Days on the island, The Crew become like rabid animals trusting no one. for example, The First Mate, Koyama Starts gloating about raping the women and finds some turtle eggs that he hides from the rest of the crew and sells them secretly to the Billionaire, Kasai. The Writer Yoshida and the Singer Mami are having a very close relationship and Kasai all he does is lock himself in his room and never comes out.

Evenutally, Yoshida becomes the first one to eat the mushrooms and suddenly starts to go insane from the effects of the mushrooms as he threatens to kill the crew and soon enough Mami joins him and they are banned from the ship also The Skipper Sakeda, becomes so selfish and bitter from the crew he takes the old yacht boat and the food from the Abandon Ship and leaves the crew for dead.

All that's left is The Professor Murai, His Girlfriend Akiko and Kasai. Will they make it safe through the island or will they fall victim to the mushroom?

Now when I first heard of this film, I thought to myself it was stupid B-Movie Sci Fi film, well I was proven wrong. This film is such a character Study we are given well rounded character that has never been seen in japanese Sci fi films. For Example All the Characters here in the beginning start off as happy go couple group, but by the time they are in the island, their morals evenutally change as they becoming untrustworthy, Bitter and weak. It's a type of genre i've never seen in a film like this.

Now Let me get to the characters, First I'll Start with Kasai the billionaire. Kasai is a rich wealthy man who swears he's the smartest and strongest man in the beginning as he wants to prove to the crew that not even a tropical storm can stop him and he was proven wrong and when he stranded on the island he become weak, pathetic and sucidical and evenutally eats the mushrooms. The Singer Mami is another character that should be mention. Mami is an attention getter, She wants all the men to go after her in a scene when Yoshida and Koyama fight they are fighting because Koyama wanted First Dibs on Mami. Mami is seductive and very controlling as she gets Kasai to eat the mushrooms.
Also there's Koyama the first Mate, a man with serious issues and a scumbag as he wants all the women to have sex with Espeically Mami and very untrustworthy when he hides a stash of turtle eggs from the crew.

To honest The Professor and his Girlfriend Murai and Akiko are the only two likeable sympathic characters in the whole crew. They never complain or moan about being straved or having to do work. They are the only two characters that the viewer wants to see escape from the island.

Now let me get to Acting as a recognize most of these actors from the godzilla films and a majority of thel give such memorable powerful performances that it's the reason why the film is so great. All them give Outstanding performances but the standouts here are The Singer Mami, The Billionaire Kasai and The First Mate Koyama.

Now let me get to the negative aspect of the film and believe it or not it's the mushroom monsters. The Mushrooms look bad and very laughable to say the least and the non stop laughing can get quite irratating as the only noise these things give is laughter. But it's a good thing you don't see them till near the end.

And I will admit i hated the music score here as it was very uninspiring and weak and no memorable themes here.

But Overall I highly Recommend you watch this film it's a mustsee for any film fanatic.
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