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June 13, 2017
a classic on of the best comidies ever
May 7, 2017
5/5/2017 (3): A great movie with tons of comedy!
April 30, 2017
hilarious. almost as good as the first one. lots of great new additions (about 6 viewings)
April 12, 2017
There were some things to cherish here, least of all Heather Graham (a fine actress in a bad role), but the formula from the original was quickly losing steam as the show rolled on. It hung by a thread, one which would snap by the third installment.
March 20, 2017
Good sequel but still not the best comedy around
½ March 17, 2017
brilliant sequel, funniest of the lot. Total bond piss take full of funny clips
½ February 27, 2017
Austin Powers 2 ressemble énormément au premier opus, certains gags sont quasiment du copier-coller et l'intrigue n'est qu'un gros vice-versa de son aînée (on retourne dans le passé au lieu d'aller dans le futur). Sauf qu'Austin Powers 2 pourrait s'appeler Austin Powers 2.0. tant il fait tout mieux que son prédécesseur. C'est beaucoup plus drôle, plus rythmé, Mike Myers y est à son meilleur dans un triple rôle, Heather Graham, Mindy Sterling, Rob Lowe et Seth Green sont de parfaits contrepoids et c'est surtout beaucoup mieux mis en scène. Austin Powers 2 introduit aussi le personnage de Mini-moi, clairement la meilleure idée de la saga. Superbe suite.
February 20, 2017
Some moments in The Spy Who Shagged Me are indeed clever if not hilariously silly, while other moments run for way too long and delve into obnoxious territory
January 8, 2017
This sequel to the original Austin Powers film introduces some new characters including Mini-Me (hilarious!) and Fat Bastard (grotesque). In my opinion, there are more rapid-fire gags in this film than in the original. It is obvious that it was carefully written to improve on the original and succeeds in most spots. They capitalize on the addition of the Mini-Me character, although this is simply employs a cliché "little person" schtick. The franchise "jumped the shark" after this 2nd installment of the Austin Powers trilogy.
December 13, 2016
most of the ratings are diluted from watching it over 100 times. I'm rating it from when it was NEW. This movie is a laugh till you tear movie.
½ October 1, 2016
A few chuckles here and there but the majority of this abysmal sequel is just recycled jokes from the first one and an abundance of unnecessary gross-out humor.
½ August 7, 2016
It's a fairly funny movie, which gets its jokes from word play and puns. It isn't the funniest movie you'll ever see, however you'll get some enjoyment out of watching it.
½ August 1, 2016
4.5/5. Takes everything the first one did and makes it better. The best of the trilogy.
Super Reviewer
July 29, 2016
Great film better than the first but not as exciting but Mini Me and Dr Evil were great and the story has been done so many times but what other story do spy spoof films have.
½ July 25, 2016
Your Funny Playing Shrek Mike Myers But your too over the top on this!
Why This piece of pirate crap?
There is also a character also played by Myers Named Fat Bastard!
I Rather Be A Fat Bastard Than Watch This Movie Again!

Score: 0.5/10
½ July 7, 2016
great movie but not as funny on the second viewing and heather graham is not a very good actress but it on par with the first one and falls short to the third one
½ June 28, 2016
Austin Powers 2 is a boring, unfunny, cliched movie that won't keep the spectator interested and that won't please that persons who are expecting to see goofy gags, because we can't consider something as a gag if it isn't funny.
½ June 13, 2016
Good comedy! Same level as the first Austin powers film. Seen this hundreds of times
½ June 4, 2016
Equally entertaining and funny (or funnier).
½ May 5, 2016
Overall, it's probably the funniest of the trilogy, but lacks the narrative cohesion and sharper satirical edge of the first, and the Michael Caine-ness of the third. Mini Me is a work of twisted genius, Felicity is pretty damn shagadelic, and Fat Bastard is...there because comedy fat suits were all the rage back then?
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