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May 30, 2011
A really interesting portrait of Bob Crane's career and death, even if you don't know anything about him you'll still be able to enjoy this
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½ May 30, 2011
about Bob Crane's (Hogan's Heroes) sordid, compulsive sexistance
May 11, 2011
She's a good girl until she figures out that fuzzy thing she's sitting on can make her a lot of money. A great line, probably never delivered by Bob Crane, but nonetheless used by Kinnear portraying Crane, the sex-crazed star of Hogan's Heroes whose murder was never solved.

I liked the grittiness of this. Here I was expecting sort of a fluff film...Kinnear playing a guy from a cheesy sitcom? How bad could it be? Well, turns out the real Crane was into some pretty devious shit. It's just wonderful that America had the wool pulled over its eyes on that one. The guy on the bigscreen was All-American, and maybe after the show, he could photo/video your nude daughter. Dafoe is always great but may be extra good as the creep who brings all the technology to the table and becomes the friend who may or may not have murdered Crane and jerked off on the body (look it up as that part is not in the movie).

One side note, it is painfully awesome how the girls, now and then, are so in love with stardom. Crane, as portrayed, is a complete loser yet can go into pretty much any bar after a show and get babes to come to his seedy motel room and take off their clothes on camera. Maybe the photo albums were film-only, but I suspect they were very real.
May 1, 2011
Lenny: "Sex is not the answer."
Bob Crane: "I know that Lenny, it's the question. 'Yes' is the answer."
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½ April 23, 2011
Apparently there is a downside to pornography. Who knew?!?!
½ April 16, 2011
This movie reminds me in a way of Charlie Sheen. It seems that Bob Crane was into excessive sex porn (where it is not just for fun -- it destroys your home life) but he was also a forerunner of recording it and being a participant. I am a bit sorry I watched this movie, but I can't totally trash it because there was some good acting in it.
½ April 13, 2011
Here Schrader uses a more sinister and I'd venture realistic path to show a descent into the same sort of hell he displayed in the far more extreme and serious "Hardcore:" comedy. The film is strongest when it's about Crane's, Kinnear at his slimy best, increasing sex addiction, but the film instead veers off into being both something of a biopic and a history lesson about early video technology.
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½ April 9, 2011
A well made film about the actor Bob Crane from a hit 70's TV show. His soaring popularity effects him in many ways, becoming a sex addict and with technology progressing at the time making his own "home" videos and pictures. A little known film with a good cast, how much you like it depends on whether you knew of the actor or TV show. I didn't but still found it interesting as it's based on true events.
March 22, 2011
A well made movie about Bob Crane's career and his sex-capades. This movie shows the dark side of his life involving his partner played by William Dafoe. The best line of the movie was "A day without sex, is a day wasted" Bob Crane. Great cast, good script, definitely worth seeing without the mrs and the kids.
February 17, 2011
I didn't think anyone could portray sex as so lurid and a rise and fall so uncomfortable, especially when the person falling, has no idea that it's happening. This criminally underrated 2002 effort is a biopic about Bob Crane, the star of the 1960's hit show "Hogan's Heroes" and the dark underbelly of fame. Director Paul Schrader (who wrote "Taxi Driver" and "Raging Bull") has a flair for painting a damning portrait of a man in permanent free fall, in which Crane goes from a respectable family man to a sex addicted has been that documented all of his sexual experiences on video, a new technology at the time. Schrader and his cinematographer have a wonderful way of establishing mood, starting the film off in bright, colorful tones as if it were a Brady Bunch episode before sinking into a dark and lurid handheld world of a man who is living by excess. The movie becomes very uneasy to watch and it's all the more clear by watching a man who seems to live in delusion Kinnear turns in the best performance of his career and a sharp contrast from the kinds of likable guys he's played in the past. His portrait of Crane is a man whose career is fading and his lust, both literally and figuratively have eclipsed both his career and his life. Dafoe complements him well as a colleague who turned out to be either Crane's best friend or a creepy user coasting by on his celebrity. Dafoe's Carpenter is almost like the seductive demon who draws Crane into a world that the actor can't get out. A good movie overall, but not for those who can't handle watching dark material.
Clintus M.
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½ January 13, 2011
This movie is the portarit of Bob Crane's degeneration from seemingly wholesome family man into a deplorable, disgusting condition. Because of his dual personas, many never knew the real man. The best aspect of the film may be its tone; the viewer actually feels Crane's decline, and the tone increases in melancholy. I found myself becoming depressed. Secondly, these are some of the best performances you'll see. The leads, Kinnear and Dafoe are stunningly realistic. Dafoe's Carpenter is needy, creepy, and slimy. Kinnear's Crane is charmingly likeable while just as sleazy and completely amoral. Kurt Fuller as Col. Klink is a riot, perfect casting.

Its a study of addiction. Like any addict, Crane constantly announced plans to change but never made any effort. If he really meant to in the end, that's probably what got him killed. His obsession ruined his life and career.

Director Paul Schrader may have made a faithful adaptation of the source book, but it left me wanting more of some things and less of others. It did have plenty of sleaze. Its a gloomy, unflinching film, and I recommend it to anyone willing to delve into the dark underbelly of success.
½ December 27, 2010
A satisfying and interesting docudrama that follows the disfunctional life of one of my favourite 60's sitcom personality. Bob allowed his sleezy desires to destroy his career and cause heartache between him and his family.
½ October 16, 2010
Defoe is great and Schrader is an expert but there is a certain lack of commitment and Kinnear is kind of a dope. It's pretty good though.
½ September 18, 2010
Film agrèable , Auto focus remonte un fait du journaliste Bob Crane , qui petit à petit connaîtra la célébrité , à la radio , à la télévision . Mais , ses fréquentations et ses excès vont le faire tomber dans un cercle vicieux insurmontable . L'histoire vraie se résume à ça . Dans le film , tout le film est cette histoire , mais surtout , la mise en scène fait penser à une comédie . Loin de penser que le film est en fait assez aéré dans le thriller , Auto Focus est un film sans complexe , décontracté , avec des bons acteurs . En général , les biopics sont sérieux , là , Auto Focus l'est beaucoup moins . Et c'est ça qui montre l'originalité d'une biographie tragique .
½ August 26, 2010
The movie is about the life of the person who played Hogan on Hogan's Heroes, a tv show about prisoners of war in WWII in Germany. It is, for the most part, a true story. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, as this film shows.

This movie starts out with a wholesome pre- Hogan's Hero, before he made it big, a great family and who is so straight he sees his friend, a priest to help him.

A true story of a person getting [i]way[/i] over their head in Hollywood and letting their inhibitions get the better of them. I always heard Hogan was a piece of work in real life, but this one shows it all.

I have to believe he was killed by his "friend", someone he tried to escape from but either wouldn't or couldn't. His "friend", a techo freak from the 60's, must have been Satan himself... he was always tempting Hogan with evil. They tried to prosecute the fellow twice, but the "friend" in reality got away with murder after all.

The movie tries to cast people in the roles of the TV show, Hogan's Heros, and succeeds mainly with Col. Klink, but with nobody else. Richard Dawson, an actor in the TV show, Hogans Heroes, is portrayed as a womanizer, something I wonder if he permitted if he saw the script, but he must have been ok with it because he displayed that "talent" on his quiz show, always kissing the gal contestants.

I kind of recommend this for the suspense of it all, but it is kinky in places and it is not credible that such a home type guy would be such a sleeze bag.

See it at your own risk. It was worth my time.
August 18, 2010
Not bad but it felt as though his life was cleaned up, to make it only a little different to the "respectable" norm.
August 14, 2010
Porn obsession, murder & history of vcrs. You must watch the documentary in the special features.
August 7, 2010
Nothing whets the appetite like watching Greg Kinnear and Willem Dafoe bust a nut together over some grainy DIY porn. This is better than similarly sensationalistic scandal exposés like Hollywoodland or Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, partly because the two leads are great and partly because of how well Schrader moves from a blandly clean style into hand-held camerawork, desaturated colours and spooky sound effects as they sink into creepy sex addiction and male self-loathing. I'm off for a shower.
July 10, 2010
this movie is pretty inaccurate. And portrayed Bob Crane's life in a fast-paced fashion. I guess that's Hollywood for you!
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