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Critic Consensus: It might be more impressive on a technical level than as a piece of storytelling, but Avatar reaffirms James Cameron's singular gift for imaginative, absorbing filmmaking.

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"Avatar" is the story of an ex-Marine who finds himself thrust into hostilities on an alien planet filled with exotic life forms. As an Avatar, a human mind in an alien body, he finds himself torn between two worlds, in a desperate fight for his own survival and that of the indigenous people.

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Zoe Saldana
as Neytiri
Sam Worthington
as Jake Sully
Sigourney Weaver
as Dr. Grace Augustine
Stephen Lang
as Colonel Miles Quaritch
Michelle Rodriguez
as Trudy Chacon
Giovanni Ribisi
as Parker Selfridge
Joel David Moore
as Norm Spellman
Wes Studi
as Eytukan
Laz Alonso
as Tsu 'tey
Dileep Rao
as Dr. Max Patel
Matt Gerald
as Corporal Lyle Wainfleet
Sean Anthony Moran
as Private Fike
Jason Whyte
as Cryo Vault Med Tech
Scott Lawrence
as Venture Star Crew Chief
Kelly Kilgour
as Lock Up Trooper
James Pitt
as Shuttle Pilot
Sean Patrick Murphy
as Shuttle Co-Pilot
Peter Michael Dillon
as Shuttle Crew Chief
Kevin Dorman
as Tractor Operator
Kelson Henderson
as Dragon Gunship Pilot
David Van Horn
as Dragon Gunship Gunner
Jacob Tomuri
as Dragon Gunship Navigator
Jon Curry
as Suit #2
Julene Renee
as Ambient Room Tech
Luke Hawker
as Ambient Room Tech
Woody Schultz
as Ambient Room Tech
Peter Mensah
as Horse Clan Leader
Sonia Yee
as Link Room Tech
Jahnel Curfman
as Basketball Avatar
Ilram Choi
as Basketball Avatar
Kyla Warren
as Na'vi Child
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Avatar is a joyous celebration of story craft and the visual possibilities of cinema. Cameron had set his sights on taking the technology of film where no one had gone before. And he delivers. Avatar is stunning. Cameron and Peter Jackson's Weta Digital h

July 7, 2010
Top Critic

The narrative would be ho-hum without the spectacle. But what spectacle! Avatar is dizzying, enveloping, vertiginous ... I ran out of adjectives an hour into its 161 minutes.

Full Review… | December 21, 2009
New York Magazine/Vulture
Top Critic

I had the feeling coming out of this movie that I haven't felt since maybe I was eleven years old in 1977 and I saw Star Wars for the first time.

December 21, 2009
At the Movies
Top Critic

It's a remote-control movie experience, a high-tech "wish you were here" scribbled on a very expensive postcard.

Full Review… | December 18, 2009
Top Critic

The most-hyped movie of the year just about merits it.

Full Review… | December 18, 2009
San Francisco Chronicle
Top Critic

Big money, big risk, pretty big reward. That's been his consistent pattern, and it's high time to give credit where credit is overdue: James Cameron delivers.

Full Review… | December 18, 2009
Globe and Mail
Top Critic

Audience Reviews for Avatar


i liked the mix of actors and CGI. The story is nothing original - evil human miners killing local peace-loving population to harvest some ore - and the lowly indigenous inhabitants fighting for their planet.

Red Lats
Red Lats

Super Reviewer


The technical aspects are really impressive, quite exceptional indeed, and the plot may not be too original or clever but is mostly engaging and thought-provoking, with many welcome details about the fascinating world of Pandora and its humanoid race Na'vi.

Carlos Magalhães
Carlos Magalhães

Super Reviewer

many of the things that i loved about this film are the exact things that caused my discontent. to begin with, much of the visuals were obviously astounding. the design of the planet, as well as the design of the plant and animal life and the vehicles used by the humans were incredibly impressive. cameron also used color very well. on the other hand, the computer generated characters were far too cartoonish, and the real life characters and computer generated ones didnt blend together quite as well as i had hoped for considering how advanced this film was supposed to be. i would have much rather preferred costumes and make up than the cartoonish look the film had. while the planet looked impressive, david lean made more visually stunning films using actual landscapes rather than artificial ones. the story also had its up and down points. on the one hand the story was engaging enough that even after 160 minutes i could have kept watching if the film were longer. on the other hand, the dialogue was very weak, most elements of the story were completely recycled and unoriginal, and the main antagonist of the film was as cheesy of a villain as we could have received. he was basically a caricature of the villains of the corn ball action flicks of the 80's. the film also relied too much on the demonization of humanity in order to serve its agenda. cameron left the entire human race completely underdeveloped, allowing no conviction to the masses of people on pandora who were far too willing to slaughter innocent natives, and he unfortunately left us completely in the dark as to what earth or contemporary humanity looked like. finally, the film uses a macguffin in the form of "unobtainian", which is a stupid name for the mineral, that is more of a plot hole than a point of interest. its more entertaining than it is interesting and is not without some pretty massive flaws.

danny d
danny d

Super Reviewer

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