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October 16, 2013
Visually stunning sci-fi martial arts film that entertains very well. Pretty good fight scenes but its the visual effects that steals the picture.
February 9, 2013
Low-budget sci-fi about the future, and the myth that only 10% of the human brain is used. There are a few good fights among the terrible effects. Hard to believe Biao and Hung were in it.
Super Reviewer
May 14, 2011
Futuristic beat-em-up set in Hong Kong. I was more impressed by the futuristic elements in this than the actual action. It comes up with some quite creative and impressive visuals and some cool little media gadgets which will probably make their way on to the market in the not too distant future. The action was a little disappointing, there wasn't enough for a start and it was too over stylized and CGI assisted. It's also quite Tekken-esque in it's look, so much so that the makers left a notice during the end credits mentioning that the film is in no way connected to the Tekken computer game series. It's entertaining enough but it tries too hard to be cool and stylish.
½ July 15, 2009
this was originally going to be a tekken movie, but the problem was tht it was made without permission, so they renamed it the avenging fist
½ June 24, 2009
OK, I gave it 2.5/5 only because it's a film made in Hong Kong 8 years ago. If you compare to the films made these days, it's very bad. Plot is totally predictable, bad graphics, laughable lines. Even the fight sequences aren't that good. Not recommended.
May 19, 2009
Hmmm never see this movie But I think Its cool....
July 8, 2008
I have seen this film,but,I not understand the cantonese,because there wasn't subtitles
½ June 2, 2008
all star Hong Kong cast to kill for, great SFX, and a reliably good director... lots of potential, the film just doesn't work.
May 10, 2008
Unfortunately for this film I have seen Casshern, if it were not for that fact maybe it might have edged a 3.5 or even a 4 but nope.. The CG was the films biggest let down in my opinion, I expected better for 2001. The Chinese guy who played Martial Law is also in this film which put me off quite a bit. A good watch with a few beers but i just couldnt take it seriously enough to really enjoy it :(
½ April 24, 2008
i love the power glove its so bad." horse the band"
½ March 23, 2008
a fucked up movie...
HongKong film industry will never produce a successful sci fi movie...
acting is sucks anyway...LeeHom and Gigi Leung sucks in this movie!!!
can't believe LeeHom's song was put into the movie...extremely stupid!
February 17, 2008
Awesome action & Kung Fu flick from Hong Kong. The only slight issue is a few translation issues with the subtitles, but definitely worth the "read". You won't believe this movie is as old as 2001! Revolutionary cinematography.
February 17, 2008
The plot is nonsensical and the names are completely cheesy, but who cares? It's a fun movie with a lot of entertaining action scenes and great visuals.
December 21, 2007
A reasonably good film....
December 19, 2007
for a yuen biao and sammo hung film this film SUCKS, but as a film its not to bad, a theme of tekken & street fighter here with a few HK effects
½ December 9, 2007
i'm a big fan of yuen biao, but this was absolute crap. the plot made absolutely no sense, and all the fight scenes were ruined by crappy visual effects. sad.
November 10, 2007
This film is soooo good....
September 23, 2007
Story for you: Went to a "God module"concert in Germany a few years back. They had movies running during the concert as a background picture. I saw the fight scene on the roof from "Avenging Fist" and knew I had to see that movie. I waited till the concert was finished and went to the band afterwards who was giving signatures for the fans. I asked for the title and he wrote it down for me. The sad part, I was so happy about the titel that I totally forgot to ask for a signature.
The movie itself is good but the best for me will be always this one fighting scene in the beginning.
August 4, 2007
2 for the "earthquake" ha ha
½ July 17, 2007
A total mess - a great cast is wasted, for die hard fans only!
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