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½ March 4, 2010

Powerful and at times shocking drama about the effects of war on innocent, impressionable children. Does not pull any punches. When the body of an acquaintance turns up at the city morgue in Barcelona, the medical examiner and his nursing assistant, now middle-aged professionals, share memories and chuckles about growing up during the years of the Spanish Civil War and its aftermath. Through their stories in flashback we see the children acting out their deep-seated conflicts and trauma as they struggle to survive the horrors going on all around them, including the desperate uncertainty of their futures, the breakup of their families, and the betrayal of friends and neighbors as people make the troubling decision to support either the Loyalists or the Revolutionaries for their own personal reasons. Although total amnesty was declared following the Fascist victory, it did not seem to lessen the pain for people on both sides, especially for those on the losing side, which was filtered down to their children. Includes some very disturbing scenes that some viewers might find clearly over the top. Downright distressing in places. However, despite the melding and mixing of fact, fiction, and myth through the process of aventis, the overall message is clear - life goes on and everyone does the best s/he can to adapt and endure, because that's what life is all about.
Yet, on the whole, I'm not sure that the aventis format was the proper vehicle for getting this message across.
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