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September 26, 2005
It's a measure of The Aviator's complexity and ambiguity that it can be read equally as a celebration of rugged, capitalist individualism and as a leftist critique of cutthroat free-market competition.
September 16, 2005
Scorsese has dreamed up an ingenious method of specifying the period - he's printed each sequence so that it matches up with the color film process available at the time ...
July 5, 2005
June 25, 2005
Beneath the glossy surface there's a niggling lack of depth, but otherwise this is a grand, impressive Tinseltown drama.
June 2, 2005
A tremendous success.
May 24, 2005
The Aviator is more than entertaining and engrossing enough to keep you interested ... for at least 130 minutes or so.
May 20, 2005
Its primary appeal is its speed: It rushes along, from scandal to air crash to movie romance to Senate hearing, each anecdote well realized but never tarried over.
May 13, 2005
Regardless of the fact that The Aviator may not be Scorsese's best work, it is unquestionably a creative piece of moviemaking.
April 27, 2005
If the folks who made Hollywood were going to make a movie today it would be made like The Aviator.
April 21, 2005
This undoubtedly is the movie Scorsese set out to make, and he made it exceedingly well. Still, we can fault him for choosing to celebrate its subject instead of examining him.
April 17, 2005
"The Aviator" is a triumph of filmmaking. It successfully blends technical artistry with A-class performances.
April 13, 2005
This is a thrilling picture that merges [Scorsese's] gritty style and his adoration of old-fashioned Hollywood. The production design alone makes the film a must-see.
April 12, 2005
DiCaprio as Hughes is nothing short of captivating, and his performance here, easily the best of his career, is certain to land him an Academy Awards nomination.
April 4, 2005
'Gran estilo visual, elenco multiestelar, una estupenda banda sonora y la dirección de un inmortal del cine, la hacen una experiencia fílmica más que interesante y compleja'
April 1, 2005
Millions of dollars were wasted in Hughes' stumble to infamy, and I'm hard-pressed to get too upset by his romancing starlets or peeing in a bottle.
March 18, 2005
Another of [Scorsese's] masterpieces, crowded with superb performances. It may be two and a half hours long, but it comes at you like a B-52 bomber, and it flies by.
March 9, 2005
A cierta altura, El Aviador es cine puro, o las herramientas del cine aprovechadas como nunca al servicio de una historia.
March 7, 2005
DiCaprio remains a lightweight presence, a cherubic man-child who one could sooner imagine fiddling with an Airfix set and glue than spearheading the adventure of modern aviation.
March 1, 2005
Scorsese's first historical epic to build on the promise of Last Temptation traces Hughes' formative successes with the thrill and vision of great pop storytelling.
February 18, 2005
With Gangs of New York, DiCaprio and Scorsese came close to making a masterpiece; with The Aviator, they might just have got there.
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