Azumi Reviews

July 14, 2010
An extraordinary film.
April 29, 2009
Kitamura's visual power thankfully never drowns out the story's.
August 26, 2007
The raw visceral pleasures are enough to carry the film past some clunky melodrama that bloats the film to a two-hour-plus run time.
April 18, 2007
The tone is bleak and the comic-book violence relentless, but the wirework and Yuta Morokaji's stunt choreography are impressive.
September 7, 2006
It's a zippy time-passer.
July 28, 2006
Ueto -- who was only a teenager when the film was made -- is no great actress, but her impressive agility and magnetic presence provide director Ryuhei Kitamura a perfect centerpiece around which to orchestrate his blistering ballet of blood.
July 28, 2006
Azumi is slick, violently beautiful and appeals directly to the lower sensations. But just because it thrills doesn't necessarily mean it's artless.
July 27, 2006
It's a B-movie through and through and its indulgences come from loving the genre too much, not bracketing it with postmodern quotation marks.
July 21, 2006
Overdone and overlong, but its lunatic flavor -- check out Joe Odagiri's Tiny Tim as ninja sadist -- saves the day.
July 20, 2006
Remains faithful to its highly regarded source with an intelligent script, clever -- if often cruel -- visual flourishes, and thrillingly staged fight sequences.
January 17, 2006
[Ueto's] lightness works in her favour at times, and is readily incorporated into the kinetic energy of the film, culminating in a crowded finale.
May 12, 2005
Sempre auto-indulgente, Kitamura estende o filme alm do ideal e dilui o impacto das boas seqncias de ao. Sua sorte ter Aya Ueto, que mantm o pblico interessado.
May 8, 2004
Azumi carves her way through a body count that rivals any three average samurai flicks. Unfortunately, she leaves as much filler dialogue as corpses in her wake.
April 16, 2004
It's the characters that give this story life
February 18, 2004
For a pure ice-water jolt of action-movie insanity, few things I've seen in recent years come close to the sheer splatter-fest spectacle of Azumi.