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March 26, 2018
Basically a rehash of the first film, possibly bloodier.
October 11, 2015
'What's it all about, Azumi?'

The violence and overall aesthetic is less cartoony than its predecessor, but it's got more gimmicky ninja enemies and tricksy wire stunts - not that this is a bad thing. It also has a deeper, more engaging story with more intrigue, and the central character is fleshed out a lot more, being forced into an existential quandary more pressing and more interesting than she went through last time. Ueto handles it all superbly, ensuring the film is always engrossing, whether people are getting hacked to pieces or not.
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April 5, 2014
Following on from the first film we see our female assassin hunted down by hired ninjas for her handy work. She is on her way to complete the mission set out in the first film and assassinate 'Sanada' (her finale target), along the way she meets up with a group of bandits who assist her but this also allows spies into the equation. This is the basis for the plot very simply laid out.

I must say I got the feeling this film may have been one big long film that was cut into two on purpose, the whole thing filmed in one go. The continuity is very good with both plot and certain actors returning and you do get a fairly epic feeling in the scope of things. Aya Ueto in the lead is still cute as hell while Tak Sakaguchi seems to be in every modern Japanese flick with any hint of action.

To be honest the film isn't entirely different from the first in the terms of what happens. Its more sword slashing, blood spurting and many similar yet nicely created characters, it also visually appears identical to the first hence why I think it was all made at the same time. Not exactly worthy of an epic award but certainly well made with some grand action sequences to please the eye.

Like all Japanese Samurai/ninja films it has a lovely period feel to the proceedings with small segments of fantasy or myth. These do add to the charm of the film but also take away from it. The story is based on a manga comic but there are so many of these adaptations from Japan you do get a strong sense of deja vu half the time.

The main plus points in this film (like many other films from the land of the rising sun) are the characters. Big, bold, colourful, exciting, athletic and overflowing with emotions whilst the flash of their Katana's glint in the sun at you. The plot is pretty much the same old search for revenge, truth or justice motif with nothing really new to offer in terms of action but it does the job well.
March 11, 2014

- 'Azumi 2: Death or Love' is the 2005 sequel of the successful action film 'Azumi' from 2003. The story continues where the first movie had ended: the assassins have one warlord left on their death list. Again brutal katana-fights and colorful characters steal the show. This time some romance is added. With Aya Ueto returning as heroine Azumi and Chiaki Kuriyama (Kill Bill, Battle Royale) as ninja Kozue. An epic conclusion of a great Japanese franchise.

With Nagamasa Asano and Kiyomasa Kato dead, the two remaining assassins, Azumi (Ueto) and Nagara, continue their quest to eliminate the third and final warlord, Masayuki Sanada. On their way they are guided by the playful ninja Kozue (Kuriyama) and meet a gang of thieves led by Ginkaku, a young man that resembles Azumi's deceased love-intrest Nachi. In the meantime, Kato's general Kabei has joined forces with Sanada, warning him about the two assassins. But Sanada has gathered his best forces: an army of heavily armed mercenaries, a pack of samurai fighters, the giant Roppa, the poisonous ninja Tsuchigumo and Sanada's concubine Kunio. Will Azumi and Nagara succeed in their mission?
August 14, 2013
nowhere near as good as the first, but it still had sweet stuff in it
May 16, 2013
naaaah.. it feels like a sequel. I cant feel the tension anymore but the coolness is still there.
½ March 27, 2013
Enjoyable but average. Not as good as the first.
February 24, 2013
Not as good as the first but still quite entertaining and the villains were rather unoriginal
December 7, 2012
Would like to get round to watching.
½ September 19, 2012
the first one is better, but this one's nice too.
½ August 2, 2012
Sequel to the first...still on the same mission to stop the war...she runs into more trouble and meets someone she thinks she knows...I am not going to give the story away...again, blood, gore, body parts. lots of sword play...Excellent film....
July 20, 2012
I will pass on the sequel since I was unable to watch the first one.
June 23, 2012
I love ninja movies this is one of the best ones ever
May 12, 2012
+Beautiful directing, settings and costumes
+Ueto, Kuriyama, Endo
+ Awesome end shot

- Kaneko is a good director, but he's no Kitamura
- Too long
April 19, 2012
Doesn't seem interesting
March 14, 2012
Loved the first one... Must buy the box set!
November 17, 2011
I've come to the conclusion that japanese movies just dont have happy endings.
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July 18, 2011
Bought but not yet watched
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June 22, 2011
Azumi 2: Death or Love is a serviceable sequel to the movie that preceded it, but it's not quite as interesting the second time around. Where the first movie dealt with the cyclical carnage of war and the sacrifices people make for questionable higher goals, Azumi 2 is more of a straight-forward action movie that continues those themes as earnestly, but less effectively.

After the events of the first movie, the young assassin Azumi continues her mission to find and kill the last remaining warlord that seems determined to plunge feudal Japan back into war. She's accompanied by her last remaining companion, still haunted by the deaths of her friends, and sought by a vengeful warrior who wants her death above all things. Of course, she also finds new allies and hidden enemies on her journey.

This movie mirrors the plot of the first in many ways, but it's just not quite as good. The battles aren't as fun, and the story isn't as captivating. The attempts at poignancy and don't ring as true as the first movie, either.

Aya Ueto is still an irresistible heroine and I recommend to anyone who enjoyed the first movie that they should check this one out, too. Just keep in mind that the change in directors from the first movie was not exactly an improvement.
May 21, 2011
Probably the best 2 part film subtitled in English ever. Full of action, brilliant story suberb special effects Azumi makes superman and the other heroes appear mediocre. No wonder she is a super idol in her country. A film you can watch many times and still love it.
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