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September 26, 2014
This was not the most polished dance flick, but the story was good enough to hold you interest for one viewing.
½ February 11, 2012
Another of those dime-a-dozen dance movies that have plagued cinemas in the last few years. This is even duller and more pointless than most, which says a lot.
January 13, 2012
Had a good storyline and some great dance moves but i still feel that it could of had more.
November 11, 2011
just ok another dance flick
June 12, 2011
Horrible movie. I hated it. The plot was horrible, there was no drama build up at all. Horrible. You can't pay me enough to watch this movie!
June 2, 2011
This is one of the worst movies that I've seen this summer. The story is stupid, the girl looks like she is 30 something trying to fit in with a bunch of 20 somethings. Going on with this Juile Urich chick she cannot act and she was ironically the worst dancer in the whole movie. Moving away from the horrible acting that was very apparent, the story did not help, it was something that has been done so many times over leaving no surprise to the viewer. There are just some movies made that I do not understand why they are even made, and this is one.
½ May 21, 2011
First off, Julie Urich, who plays Angel, looks near 30. Her mom Gabby, played by Missy Yager, looks about 40. They're both blondes. Now Angel's gramma, played by Jenny Gago, is Latino and looks like she's in her 50's tops. Let's just say they look NOTHING alike. Let's not even start with the fact that Angel has NO Brooklyn accent, where she was supposed to be raised. It just doesn't fit.

Then Angel, who is SUPPOSED to be 18, is an immature knucklehead, which might not seem odd for an 18 year old, but she looks 30, so it seems really odd.

The acting.... some of the actors are ok, some are pretty bad.

I just don't really care for most of this movie.
½ December 29, 2010
I had the misfortune of catching this on tv when I was sick. I would have changed the channel but I couldn't find the energy. I would recommend stabbing your eyes out before I would recommend watching this movie.
July 27, 2010
It isn't even called "A-girl" but "B-girl" like B-grade... which is being generous.
June 12, 2010
Amazing, well written, well directed, well played.. if your into the life of dance then you'll enjoy this film. I just got done watching it and i was glued to it from start to finish.. Break dancing doesn't come natural, you have to train your body to do those spectacular moves with ur feet..
April 16, 2010
This movie had the potential of being much better but fell short with a weak plot, weak acting, and too few dance scenes by the kids who should have been the stars of the film.
March 17, 2010
Even though the dance moves were kinda not that good The storyline was captivating and the cast were ok but not the best!!
½ March 13, 2010
Angel should have been twenty years younger because soft focus DIDN'T help. She looked older than her mom.
February 27, 2010
you would think its like step up but not so much, its about a girl with isseus that became part of a dance crew, the ending was the best!
½ February 23, 2010
I smell a RAZZIE award!
I wanted to luv it.... but OMG.. the casting sucked soooo bad!
Some decent dance moves still.......but no way I could pretend her & her "Momma" [not maMa] were Latina.
Bad acting, bad story & even worse casting.
Just show the dancing. That's all.
½ February 16, 2010
I have officially found the worst dance film ever. Unclear plot, bad acting, and overpowering soundtrack. Yes dance films need music, but it shouldn't be louder than the dialogue. It was fun to see Legacy again, but I'm not sure it was worth it to sit through an hour and a half of brutal performance and cinematography to see his face for 10 minutes.
February 14, 2010
I suppose that it's the first movie dedicated to Bgirlin
love it
½ February 14, 2010
Horrible movie, sucking story !
Bad main character.
February 11, 2010
Had a good storyline and some great dance moves but i still feel that it could of had more.
January 24, 2010
I expected this movie to suck apart from some cool dancing moves, but Urich did a really good job on bringing Angel to life in a real way making the movie both bearable and even enjoyable. And of course, the dancing was cool. It was a nice, fun, deeper than some, movie.
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