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½ July 2, 2013
Shit like this needs to end.. Someone kill Puri+Seenu Vaitla+VVVinayak!!
April 18, 2013
Being the first movie in the summer season baadshah released with lot of expectations and here is my review:

STORY&SCRIPT: the most important thing to say about the story is comedy which will make the audience jump in their seats and laugh to their heartful. The main story line is actually a bit routine which is seen in most of the telugu movies but the way sreenu vaitla has scripted the movie makes a difference in this movie. The way he has protrayed the charecters of siddarth and navadeep is very good and as i said earlier the comedy scenes has his mark on it.

CAST&PERFORMANCES: If this movie is a building built upon three pillars then the pillars would be NTR, bramhanandam and sreenu vaitla. NTR was totally energetic in his acting and he rocked in dance sequences. Bramhanandam sir was simply superb in his expressions and comedy. Kajal has good scope in first half and rest of the characters add up spice.

TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT: in technical department direction was the fresh and crisp and photography in the first half where the italy shots where very beautifully picturised. Music is really a backdrop in this movie because of thaman's routine music.

DRAWBACKS: music is the first drawback and thaman should really concentrate on his future tunes . Kajal's makeup was a disaster in the whole movie. The flashback episode should had less number of punch dialogues by the hero and for me flashback was a little boring. Too many charecter artists and villans also made the soup a little diluted.
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