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August 2, 2016
It was a B movie all the way cheesy at best they don't through money at these kind of movies. Cause there cheap and c list actors and actresses silly movie.
April 23, 2014
I liked it !!! Sorry folks but it was cool!
August 18, 2011
Dull made-for-TV sci-fi with bad CGI.
July 4, 2011
En hög med B-skådisar i en okej rulle, skulle dock inte ha blivit bättre om det varit några stjärnor med.
Det är över lag en rätt kass rulle men med viss underhållning!!
Passar nog bäst för fans
½ September 18, 2010
I havent seen one small, cheap to hire quary been used to represent so many different places since the earlier Dr. Who shows!

Storm God Ba'Al is a bad film in its own special league of bad. Almost so bad its comically good in fact. almost...

the plot is unmemorable, with the ending more ridiculous than pretty much anything i have seen before (includign Jaws the Revenge), aweful acting, terrible script an special effects worth of the Amiga 500.

me anda very special group of friends have "bad food, worse movies" nights on the odd occasion, and this fit right in there, so if you're equally strange and enjoy trying to find some of the worse films around and have a good laugh at them, add this to your list and prepared to be astounded at just how bad a film can be!
August 12, 2010
Actually not bad for a DTV(B-Movie)... and my favourite B-Movie actress was there too - Miss Lexa Doig... CGI where so so, the story was ok, and the acting, well what do you expect from a movie called "Ba'al" ... a harmless 90minutes or so...
½ August 2, 2010
I want to echo the other review. This is an awful, boring, and awfully boring movie.
½ March 9, 2010
Avoid it...ppl. The storm god will bore you to death.
November 19, 2009
Boring, boring, dull, and boring and dull. This action-adventure is lite on both, and heavy on expostion, cheap and obvious plot twists, and terrible special effects, unfortunately, it does not amount to "soo-bad-it's-good", it doesn't have that much ambition.
½ April 16, 2009
boring long and predictable. I swear this was at least 9hrs long. bah to ba'al!
April 5, 2009
Silly rubbish, cheaply made and it looks it. The acting is poor and over the top, the story is preposterous. Downright awful.
February 17, 2009
cheap movie but not rly bad at all.
gr8t story.
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