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April 8, 2011
This is one of those terrible terrible creations that just leaves me feeling a little uneasy about the way the film industry works.
October 18, 2008
I've been majorly disappointed by romantic comedies over the past year or so.
September 4, 2008
Baby Mama quickly and lazily adopts all the annoying attributes of the usual fare.
August 29, 2008
An under-achieving, lightweight movie that settles for a few competent gags and doesn't bother to take risks.
July 25, 2008
With this story, and this cast, the movie ought to have been fun.
July 25, 2008
Michael McCullers' script is soft-headed to the point of inanity.
July 25, 2008
The film's talented performers are wasted thanks to a weak script.
July 25, 2008
It's as much fun as actually eating toddler vomit.
July 22, 2008
While certainly amiable enough, Michael McCullers' directorial debut is, like the gestation that it portrays, somewhat sloppily conceived and capable of delivering no more than what is expected.
July 17, 2008
The jokes are, on paper, funny. On screen they just seem like the inevitable, the only thing to say, and their zing zags off into bland, familiar territory... the material didn't coalesce past pointing at something funny and saying, "hey, that's funny al
June 8, 2008
It's no different than watching a third-rate sitcom on a Tuesday night.
June 3, 2008
On one level, it's unfair to penalize a pretty decent movie for not being a great movie, but then again, Fey has proved time and time again that she can do better than this.
May 17, 2008
Predictable, unimaginative and unfunny.
May 15, 2008
A waste of talent.
May 13, 2008
May 12, 2008
Fey and Poehler, you're better than this material, and you know it.
May 6, 2008 exceedingly familiar premise that's used to almost extraordinarily innocuous effect...
April 30, 2008
If he's not precisely magical, Oscar the doorman does function as wise advisor for white women who should know better.
April 28, 2008
Unrolls like a perfect storm of focus-grouped situations and joke-writing by committee.
April 28, 2008
Probably would be better as a 'Saturday Night Live' skit
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