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October 31, 2016
Let's start by going over the positives, the miniature and suit work is good. Even if they don't look 'realistic' the fact we have suits interacting with people gives you sense of realism and interaction that many digital movies don't have. Unfortunately, that's where the good time end.

The biggest problem is the characters, the human ones. The heroes are so unlikable. They have bad chemistry with each other, and often times will have greedy self-serving interests, even after the title character had to just chase vultures off her dead father's corpse. It really sucks when your heroes are acting like your bad guys. Also the violence, on its own I don't have a problem with it, but it goes completely against the tone they are going for. To think this was released by Disney too.
September 12, 2016
Still entertaining, and Sean Young has never looked better. Not bad dinosaurs considerning it was released in 1985
September 11, 2015
Way more violent and less cute than my memory told me it was. I guess the dinosaurs still look okay.
June 13, 2015
With such lines as, "This is craptacular" and "I'd whip the Bitch" this is a great fun-filled romp for the whole family, complete with full frontal, drug use, foul language, extreme gore and sex.
August 29, 2013
It's a bit dark, and has too much language, sex, and nudity to be a kids film. The puppets aren't too great looking but the adults are pretty life size and you can't help but be amazed at them, especially when they got them to run (though the running itself wasn't too good). The story is decent though and the characters are alright. It has some good moments, and some bad ones.
April 8, 2013
I might have seen this movie when I was a kid.. but I definitely don't care..
April 4, 2013
Growing up in the 80's I saw the movie as a child when it was released in the theater and it was so bad that it became the makings of a family joke. If the ranking had a zero, this movie would get it. The dinosaurs were awful. The storyline was ridiculous. The acting really doesn't qualify to be called acting. The only reason I even remember the name of the movie so well is because my family still talks about how BAD it really was.
½ April 3, 2013
For its time it was something wonderful... for kids mostly...
March 9, 2013
Stupid title - stupid movie.
February 23, 2013
Love the animatronic dinosaurs but the film falls prey to being too realistic to feel truly warm and inviting, and yet it's still comical and has dinosaurs so it's too fantastical for it to be purely realistic.
That being said, I like the adventure aspects of the film and felt there were quite a few moments that were genuinely funny without being corny. The baby dinosaur is absolutely adorable.
I really enjoyed the very different look at Africa which seemed quite realistic to someone who's never been there outside of film and has never really done any research.
I did find the film a little too adult for a film that seems geared towards children. So while it is rated PG, I'm not sure if all kids should be watching something like this. Make sure you watch the movie before showing it to your younguns and make the decision yourself.
½ February 17, 2013
A favourite of my dinosaur loving childhood.

I always enjoyed this movie, of course i was about 8 years old when I first saw it and was the largest dino fan.

I like the story, I like the acting enough, I remember the male scientist was irritating, thought the female scientist was hot. The dinosaur effects are great for the time, no stop motion or cg or man in a suit stuff.

I see it has terrible reviews here at RT but I have to disagree and say it's a decent film for the time and for dinosaur fans.
December 7, 2012
Would like to get round to seeing!
June 14, 2012
I kinda remember it from when I was a kid. I guess that says something
½ April 19, 2012
I saw this in theatres when I was wee little girl.
April 14, 2012
Reasonably enjoyable (once it actually gets going), there are enough comedic and adventurous moments to maintain interest, but the film isn't altogether memorable. Although predictable, the conclusion is satisfactory.
½ April 6, 2012
Really old movie, but really cute
March 20, 2012
Giant rubber dinosaurs in the jungle. Mokele Mbembe gets a widescreen blu ray finally. It was shot by the great John Alcott in super 35 wide compositions and has never been 2.35 on video until now. The movie is entertaining at times. Mostly you should get it for the spectacular Jerry Goldsmith score. Mokele Mbembe and Jerry Goldsmith, in lossless 5.1 audio, what more do you need? Nothing!
½ February 22, 2012
Just about my favorite movie as a kid (until Jurassic Park came along) and can still make me blubber a lil today.
February 20, 2012
Sort of a childhood guilty pleasure of mine, Baby - Secret Of The Lost Legend presents 80's hunkboy William Katt and 80's Weirdgirl Sean Young as scientists discovering that ALL the dinosaurs are extinct! Patrick McGoohan is on boarc as evil scientist wanting to make a profit. Sure, the disosaurs are especially fake looking, but I don't care, this is still cute.
January 31, 2012
Loved it as a child and still love it today!
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