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November 14, 2016
The best TV movie from the franchise. A good story that pulls from elements from the show. That being said its only for fans of the show.
August 23, 2015
good sequel 2 the series which i just loved
February 22, 2015
First time I have seen this and I sat in puzzlement until I realised that this movie spin off is a prequel to the series Crusade (also yet to watch). Adds a bit of fire back into the Babylon 5 mythos but I found it hard to engage at times.
½ February 7, 2013
You either understand B5 or you don't. You'll either accept this movie or you won't.
January 2, 2013
Worth seeing if you know the B5 saga. Great to see Tony Todd again.
December 10, 2012
AWESOME B5 TV movie, the Victory Class destroyers are cool, a Technomage cameo, B5 and Lochley pop-up at one part, and finally a giant fleet battle against the Drahk fleet & a leftover Shadow Planet-Killer, epic stuff, DAMNED EPIC NUFF' SAID!!!
July 22, 2012
Best Sci Fi Show ever.
January 30, 2010
still love this series
January 21, 2010
Oh man, not as good as I remembered. This would have been great as big screen adaptation. Two things that bother me: 1) More original stars. Sure, we have Sheridan, Garibaldi, Zack and Lochley, but I would have wanted more of them. Delenn, Franklin, Ivanova. 2) Music. What the fuck was that? I mean, I've heard some shitty scores in my life, but this almost ruined the movie for me. This movie needed some really big and epic tunes, not that ditty that sounded like computer puke. Boo, Evan Chen.
December 26, 2009
My favorite of the B5 movies. This one had everything that the series had, but with a better budget making the effects better.

This film also set up the Crusade series which would have been a great 5 year follow up to B5 but it was canceled to soon, unfortunately.
½ May 8, 2009
one of the best babylon 5 films,more action/space battles & a slightly better story than the rest
May 8, 2009
A very good movie and a must see..
½ March 30, 2009

Other than that, it is a good series and would have been a good lead into Crusade, had that series not rec'd the shaft.
November 19, 2008
This series had such potential. It just misses. Close....
October 16, 2008
Ever since we were first introduced to the Drahk, it was obvious from the numerous implications throughout the series that they were planning something big (Ignoring their undermining of the Centauri Republic). Perhaps the worst thing imaginable would be an attack on Earth├ó┬?┬Žand, ironically, the Drahk just so happen to have a Shadow planet-killer handy. Luckily, the Alliance has a pair of brand-new destroyers to throw around. The only major criticism I have with the film is the music, which seems more like a compilation of annoying sounds than anything else.
September 29, 2008
Not a bad effort. Nice to see Garibaldi again. Not much substance but worth catching sometime if you liked the series.
½ September 13, 2008
Decent continuation to the Babylon 5 story. Would be nice if it had a conclusion and wasn't leading to another TV show... which also doesn't have a conclusion...
½ September 11, 2008
The Babylon 5 movies never really achieved the high standard of the series, but are still definitely worth watching; this one is a good story even on its own.
September 8, 2008
A good movie if you like the series.
August 22, 2008
I liked it. Am a huge B5 fan and this film was a brilliant way to link to Crusade. Pity Crusade finished so early...
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