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February 2, 2016
This movie is only for fans of the show. For fans of the show, the characters and the cameos has great significance to the overall story.
January 13, 2016
Not a fan of sic fi at all, but this show was pretty decent. The characters are what kept this show from becoming dull.
December 2, 2012
If your a B5 fan, this movie will be like gold to you!! Myself being a huge B5 fan loved this movie so much. It had everything we wanted to see in this movie. The story is based on what happened during the Earth-Minbari war. What made this movie so good is that any story or little incident that was mentioned in the series about this war was in this movie!!! Must see movie for all B5 fans!!
½ November 20, 2012
i've never seen the series so this was my first viewing of babylon 5. I liked the film and it had a interesting story with interesting characters. made me want to see what the tv show was like.
November 19, 2012
I loved it, the provided backstory was well thought out, providing a glimpse into the origins of the Earth-Minbari war and it's subsequent course up to 'The Battle of The Line' at the war's close, ending with the Minbari surrender. The plot device of Emperor Mollari circa 2278 narrating events as a story is a brilliant framing device and was effectively utilized. The appearances of various series regulars as well as some surprise cameos from departed series regulars was VERY refreshing and a welcome surprise.
½ August 23, 2012
A look back at where it truly all began, also a must see
August 22, 2012
Well obviously you have to be an avid Babylon5 fan to get this. A stunning playback of what happened in the Earth/Minbari war. A very worthwhile addition to the B5 mythos.
July 22, 2012
The start of a great series.
November 23, 2011
Probably the best Sci-Fi series ever made. Much better
than Star Trek since it's not suffering from the Star Trek
pacifist syndrome. There's some real fighting in this one.
½ March 25, 2011
for sci-fi well done ..not a big Boxleitner fan ..but i believe this was some of his best work..worth the watch if your a sci-fi fan
½ August 21, 2010
I don't think that was a story that children would really enjoy/be able to stay awake for. But it certainly makes me want to see more.
July 19, 2010
Watch it or be forever uncool.
April 29, 2010
Hmm, I wish I could rate these separately, but I'll have to make do.

The Gathering:

I had the bad fortune to watch this *after* I saw later episodes. I committed the cardinal sin of Sci-Fi Television watching and jumped in to the middle of a show without watching the beginning. Because of this, I did not enjoy this 'movie' (really the Pilot, but I digress). I couldn't get past Delenn. I couldn't accept the unpolished acting, although knowing that this was the first episode, I was willing to be lenient. And I have to admit, while I did like it for what it was, I rarely re-watch it, and my bias against it is purely my fault. I apologize to B5 fans everywhere :(

In The Beginning:

Wow. For someone who was new to the show when they watched this, it was a real treat. I DO re-watch this one often, simply because it's an amazing piece of work. The storytelling style, using a future perspective to explain a past event, was absolutely fantastic. The Grey Council was awesome (and I believe that year in pottery class I made myself a Triluminary :P), and the way the war was illustrated from both sides made it so easy to empathize with both races. I loved the acting, the little nods to the audience, the bits and pieces of different characters that explained so much (Ivanova's brother Ganya, the Narn's involvement, the Centauri's part in the war). This movie was just so full of awesome that for me, it overshadowed much of the series. This is what I show people when they ask 'what's Babylon 5 all about?'

But of course, the best part for me as a casual viewer of the show was finally seeing for myself, the explanation of the best line in the series:

'Only one human captain has ever survived battle with a Minbari Fleet. He is behind me. You are in front of me. If you value your lives, be somewhere else!'

This movie sets up the entire series. It is awesome. That is all.
March 12, 2010
Not the best movie in the series
December 26, 2009
Tells the story of how Earth got involved in the Minbari war, much of the footage has been scene in flashback form or stories during the series.

This was made when the series switched networks so that new fans could 'catch-up' on the story so far.
September 15, 2009
LOVED IT! LOVED IT! LOVED IT!!! My life was on hold to see it each week, and everything was designed around, setting down to watch! TOO well written for TV They should run the series on PBS
September 2, 2009
"Babylon 5's a big pile of shit!"
August 22, 2009
There is no question, in the late 90's Babylon 5 was the place to be....remember this is pre-Battlestar. This was the most epic sci-fi/drama too date, and it truly paved the way for all others....In the begnning was one of the first B5 movies, made during the height of the B5 craze. All the characters are there, good story-telling......
July 27, 2009
A grand testament to Babylon 5's greatness.
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