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½ November 12, 2017
Tryhard movie with a, once again, pretty obvious twist.
½ November 5, 2015
had more potential in everything if the budget was a bit bigger. I read it was gory but there really wasn't much to it. there were opportunities to make it pretty bad but they always did the cut away and show someone else's reaction to it, except for a certain scene that made my gf and I both say "oooh!" a nice little b movie though for a night in with nothing better to watch.
½ January 9, 2015
I liked the actress Rebecca Thompson as Angie. I thought she was a good actress. The parents of the boy weren't believable. Sick movie.
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January 1, 2015
This B horror had a nice twist which suprised me but it was quite predictable for the most time. Some nice gory violence scenes if you enjoy that kind of stuff with a fair story along with it. Decent for being a B movie..
December 3, 2014
This being an older film still has a way of keeping you guessing with a twist you won't see coming!!!!!!
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August 31, 2014
People often ask how I find and pick the really independent films I sometimes review. In the case of Babysitter Wanted, it was an easy choice, as nothing is scarier to me that an evil child. Strangely enough the film also features several cast members from a TV show I really liked, Kyle XY. The story begins with the deeply religious, Angie (Sarah Thompson), going away to college. Looking for some extra money, she picks up a job babysitting for a family living in the middle of nowhere. Everything seems normal at first, until one night someone tries to break in, and to everyone's surprise, the beautiful young girl is not the target of his rage. This film was very unusual for a religious based horror film, as it wasn't over the top with religious jargon. It was a major theme of the film, but they don't beat you over the head with it the way other films do. It's also unlike your usual slasher films as it has a good cast, a decent and somewhat unique story, and most important of all, it doesn't move at lightning speed. Almost every slasher film I've ever seen has 15 minutes of story and then it's one big chase, but that doesn't happen here. They spend a lot of time on the story and when things do happen, they are pretty surprising. Sarah Thompson stars as the babysitter, while being your typical beautiful horror movie girl, she was also very credible and connected with the audience. Watching this film, you feel like you know her or someone like her, and you'll be cheering for her in a way you really don't do in films like this. She's paired with Kyle XY himself, Matt Dallas, another really good looking, likeable person, that audiences will also relate to. Once you see the whole picture, it's going to seem a bit odd to you, but the Directors and Casting people really hit the nail on the head, making this seem like anything but a slasher film until the time was just right, making for a really enjoyable and unique type of film.
August 25, 2014
Subverts the standard horror movie at about the half way mark, I know I thought I saw the ending in sight...It gets incredibly gory...then incredibly cliched and frustrating and finally ends. At the half way mark I thought something interesting was happening but it's just more of the same stuff we've seen before.
½ July 12, 2014
Well first of all I have to mention how bad the soundtrack is in this movie. Soooo BAD! The amount of religious undertones was annoying at time and i definitely went in a direction I wasn't expecting. Over all pretty cheesy. Had a good amount of gore though an the guy who plays the boys father is probably the best one in the whole movie. Meh
½ January 31, 2014
What a steaming pile of S**T!!! For anyone to think this is a good movie is mind blowing to me. The only thing remotely scary about this movie is the horrendous "acting" and awful everything else! JESUS!
January 12, 2014
Takes the Horror Movie back to school--Great horror flick!!!!
September 12, 2013
Babysitter is probably one of the average horror film that I thought it was tamed in gore, but not necessarly a bad thing, thin script, cliche plot (it's been done before), performance was ok, and fairly suspenseful. Overall better then a lot of average horror films.
April 26, 2013
nice horror movie with pretty good plot :)
March 24, 2013
This film is truly watchable, edge-of-your seat horror movie...
March 4, 2013
I've had Babysitter Wanted sitting on my desk for months and recently I read an article about 20 horror films you might not know about but should.... Babysitter Wanted was one of them. And so I fastlined the movie and watched it tonight and I have to say it is not the movie I was expecting. The poster art and trailer set it up as another torture porn and yet the synopsis suggests that its a typical slasher. It carries both of those suggestions but takes a really fucking weird, yet oddly cool, turn and becomes something entirely different. To reveal too much is to spoil it. The movie starts off shaky and there are a few improbabilities (even for the genre) but a forgiving mind will cast them aside and enjoy it for what it is. The acting is decent and the themes are grotesque... there is a lot of gore but it's often restrained and I would love to have seen more. I recommend it... suspend your disbelief and approach it with no expectations and you'll be surprised.
½ November 11, 2012
Babysitter Wanted really isn't a bad little movie at all. It's fresh, enjoyable and at times rather gross. I'd definitely recommend this one to the more serious horror fans.
October 4, 2012
A pleasant surprise! Low budget horror may tread familiar ground but, does so in an effective and entertaining manner. The familiar story of the imperiled babysitter is treated with spooky atmoshphere, suspense and a good splattering of blood and gore. The film also has some amusing twists and a demented sense of humor at times. A fun little horror flick that deserves some attention.
½ October 2, 2012
It's official: this is the worst movie I have seen so far.

PLOT:A religious college student (Sarah Thompson) wants a job to make extra money and get away from her rude, stoner roommate (Nana Visitor) so she finds a babysitter job on the college bulletin and takes it. A task as simple as watching a kid sleep is what the parents leave her with, but this kid is kind of strange. He wears a cowboy suit all the time (even in bed), is on a strict diet of buttermilk and diced red meat, and keeps appearing and disappearing. Attatched to that, there's been a killer roaming the streets for young girls and she thinks he may be outside. It's pretty generic altogether, even when the climax when you find out what's up with the kid appears-it all turns generic.

ACTING:Decent for an awful film. Some actors actually try, but are weighed to the floor with a weak and stupid script.

SCORE:Typical horror movie jump-score. It almost sounds like it copies "Saw" and "Friday the 13th" and mashes them together.

EFFECTS:I think a chicken just gave birth because these effects are nothing but cheap cheap CHEAP!

OTHER CONTENT:With all this bad stuff said, you'd think there'd nothing left to critisize, right? WRONG-O! This movie is so cliched it's painful, with the unnecessary fake-outs when you pull a shower curtain and there's nothing there and the bad guys dying and then returning. And the script has painful lines, such as "He only likes female flesh". This movie does try to be something, though, in some way. It tries to be one of the most controversial movies with over-gratuitous and hard-to-watch flesh chopping. Well, it falls so flat on it's face, that it bored me and even made me laugh at times. But no, this movie is not even laughable. It was an overall unnecessary movie. I do have to admit though, even when it is not laughable, I believe every oce in a while that it is fun to watch a ba dmovie because it's fun as hell to either make fun of, or bash it in a review. And believe you me, this is fun as hell to bash.

OVERALL,a horrible, cliched, and unnecessary horror with a generic plot, attempted acting, generic jump-score, cheap-cheap effects, painfully cliched script, panfully stupid lines, gratuitous bflesh-chopping that falls flat on its face. Why'd I watch it? I don't know, but it is THE worst movie I've ever ever seen.
October 2, 2012
i dont care if any super reviewer or anyone says it's shit, they obviously have terrible taste and must like the shitty horror films they can't make like scary movie.
This suspense makes my strong stomach jump, startled, leaped out of how amazing the fright the fact you try in real life to get a job as a babysitter, this one can show the best example how it can be wrong if the family are either evil or just psychopaths like this film shows a prime but not exactly 100% primitive but how it shows the fright, scare and blood since like Halloween maybe?
I recommend watching this film but IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH i say pass.
People who dislike this movie will like gnaw.
September 23, 2012
Pretty good horror B-flick with a twist in the middle.
September 2, 2012
Features more stingers than all of the Halloween movies combined. Its a silly mish-mash of horror cliches but there's enough energy and blood to keep the film from sinking into full-suck territory.
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