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December 15, 2010
69% of course! Same ol same ol, raunch teen comedy. The group of guys are mostly, not funny. Pass. This masterpiece was shot in sixteen days.
½ November 20, 2010
good harmless fun, that's all.
November 17, 2010
meh. the makers obviously thought it would be the most amazing movie ever. with all the girls, cool adventures and celebrities of course?! ending guessed early on. kept me watching but i didn't lift my lips to smile once. thanks for nothing. nah, it wasn't that bad, the chick in the elevator and in the room on the bed were hot. being a girl watching the movie would suck. am i talking to myself? i think so.
June 15, 2010
Funny! The ending was the best!
½ May 24, 2010
Your average slapstick comedy with a couple good laughs, but overall a forgettable film
May 3, 2010
typical low rated comedy
April 30, 2010
En sjov nok komedie, dog led under at man havde set det hele før, mange gange. Der var sku ikk ret meget nyt at komme efter her (eller noget overhovedet) men den var da okay for hvad det var :)
½ April 28, 2010
Well what did you expect? It's a movie about a Bachelor party in Vegas. Low on story great on stupid humor
½ January 22, 2010
The best bachelor party movie
½ January 17, 2010
This maybe be where the idea for "The Hangover" came from
January 8, 2010
This movie felt like a lesser version of the The Hangover, as indeed the story is similar. Four guys head to Las Vegas for a weekend of debauchery. Sure enough, things go wrong as the guys get into one scrape after another. This adult comedy is amusing at times, but is short on laughs. There were just too many gaps of non-funny in the movie. Also, the gross-out gags were too long. Sure, show us the fat guy in the g-string and the elderly prostitute, but do not leave them on screen for several minutes. Those kind of jokes work well in quick cuts, but linger too long and we become numb to the humor. Also, I wonder about the sexual proclivities of the director, because the hot naked women only got a few seconds of screen time each. Nothing against the gay guys out there, but a movie like this could have used more lingering shots of the hot women, especially when it did not have too much else going for it. What saved this movie was the overall concept being very good, despite a shoddy execution. Plus, the message of the movie ended up being touching. If you come across this one on the Netflix streaming list, it is safe to check out, but don't expect too much of it.
January 6, 2010
Right from the start this movie reminded me of "The Hangover". Then, throughout the movie I noticed several other things similar to "The Hangover". One being random celebrity appearances like Chuck Lidell, Kathy Griffin, Jamie Presley and the guy from The Sopranos. The other being the group of guys being caught up in something that they had nothing to do with. Only in this movie the ending had a major twist which put a big smile on your face. The movie was only funny during the first 30-45 minutes but the rest of the movie was not bad it was just slow and kind of drug on. If you liked "The Hangover" you should enjoy this especially because this was the "original" bachelor party movie.
½ December 20, 2009
Went in with low expectations, but still didn't think this movie was very funny, even with Kumar and the guy from Scrubs
½ December 16, 2009
wow.The best bachelor party movie
½ October 20, 2009
owh.. I want somebody to plan my bachelor party just like this~
September 10, 2009
End of the story pulls it through, the rest of the film is quite predictable :)
September 2, 2009
Why, why, why? This movie is ok. Its just hard to get into it after seeing the Hangover. Its ok if you are just looking for a quick laugh, but not a cult classic.
½ May 30, 2009
Fecking dreadful and unfunny vegas movie. totally predictable as everything in this film has been done to death in teen comedys. even chuck liddell being menacing and some fake tits can't save this film.
Kal penn seems to be pissing his career away on this kind of shit, he should only do harold and kumar movies with john cho.
April 26, 2009
this was a really good movie
Super Reviewer
½ January 19, 2009
I only watched it because Kal Penn and Donald Faison were in it. I went in expecting stupidity and my expectations were met, lol
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