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In this first American film to be shot entirely in Moscow, young vacationing American Archer Sloan (Frank Whaley) gets involved in the theft of a rare religious icon. The "hot-potatoed" icon lands in Sloan's possession and one of the underworld bad guys involved in the theft is murdered. Sloan becomes a suspect and is forced into fleeing the Moscow police while trying to locate the people who can vindicate him. This Glasnost-era film will probably be better remembered for its glimpse into a molting Soviet Union, than for intrigue as an actioner. Included in the cast is Polish producer Roman Polanski.
Action & Adventure , Drama , Musical & Performing Arts , Mystery & Suspense
Directed By:
Written By:
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20th Century Fox Film Corporation


Frank Whaley
as Archer
Roman Polanski
as Kurilov
Andrew Divoff
as Dimitri
Dey Young
as Claudia
Ravil Isyanov
as Georgi
Harry Ditson
as Whittier
Brian Blessed
as Chazov
Yuri Sarantsev
as Concierge
Oleg Anofriev
as Taxi Driver
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