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½ August 16, 2010
After the first few minutes I thought 1 star might be generous; a movie about how to kill a pig and how to find rural folk who'd been used in a dull French movie made 30 years ago; dull. However, as happens there were a few unplanned gems. The original film is about a lad who killed mother, sister and brother in 1840s; and when caught had the first use of Psychiatry in his trial - is he mad or bad? Michel Foucault involved in the orginal film. The couple talking about their daughter and her schizophrenia was insightful. Also, the woman who had a stroke; took 2 years to recover speech; said how much she liked words; the Interviewer then said "And your favourite words?" !! To which she impressively replied "Chocolate", "Friends" and "Conviviality"
½ March 7, 2009
I'm not sure why I watched this movie. It was about someone looking up all the actors to a French movie from 30 years before that I had never seen. None of the people were particularly interesting, and there was no story or drama to it. There were also some pretty disturbing scenes involving pigs that probably could've been left on the cutting room floor. All in all, I'd recommend avoiding this one.
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