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September 27, 2018
This guilty-pleasure comedy works best as a cinematic time capsule for the unique comic stylings of the late Rodney Dangerfield.
May 16, 2018
Well-written, tightly-edited triviality, with really likable characters and actors working hard to make it seem pointlessly easy.
June 17, 2014
Classic '80s comedy has lots of profanity, innuendo.
August 1, 2013
Dangerfield proves once again why he's one of the funniest men on screen.
August 1, 2013
Back to School is furious fun.
August 1, 2013
The profoundly strange presence of Rodney Dangerfield triumphs over sloppy writing and lumpy editing in this sometimes raunchy farce.
August 1, 2013
Dangerfield seems to be setting the film's brisk pace and flawless timing himself.
January 16, 2013
In this very funny Rodney Dangerfield comedy, there has been an important shift in Rodney's entertainment persona, a shift that has made this small film a monster hit.
August 27, 2010
One of the brightest (and least pretentious) comedies of the past quarter-century, the 1986 box office hit Back to School is the sort of film that's easy to watch repeatedly over the years.
February 27, 2008
The result is unsophisticated, unilluminating, unambitious, and hilarious.
February 27, 2008
It's a good character for Dangerfield, one that veers him away from the 'I don't get no respect' pathos that comes too easily to him, and enough attention is paid to the minimal plot to integrate Dangerfield's classically constructed one-liners.
February 27, 2008
Observe, and offer cod psychological analysis to your friends.
February 27, 2008
This Rodney Dangerfield vehicle is a lot better than it should be.
August 18, 2007
Dangerfield dominates most the film, happily upending everything around him.
Top Critic
January 26, 2006
[An] acceptable time-passer.
October 28, 2005
Dangerfield's best cinematic offering, but it's the late Sam Kinison's cameo that steals the show.
April 29, 2005
September 1, 2004
August 6, 2004
March 24, 2004
Dangerfield at his feature film best--and no, really, I do mean that as a good thing.
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