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Backdraft Quotes

  • Stephen McCaffrey: You go, we go!

  • Martin Swayzak: You see that glow in the corner of your eye. It's your career dissapation light and it's going into overtime.
    Stephen McCaffrey: If anyone's lights are about to go out, believe me they are yours.

  • Stephen McCaffrey: [Steven enters after having saved a child from the fire] Man, that was pretty crazy, huh?
    Brian McCaffrey: I waited. I would've waited.
    Stephen McCaffrey: Come on, don't worry about it.
    Brian McCaffrey: But you did it man. You did it all the way. You were really a hero.
    Stephen McCaffrey: Brian... its not about being a hero. I went in because there was a kid up there. I do what I do because that's my way. And it was Dad's way. Maybe it's not everybody's way.

  • Stephen McCaffrey: You go, We go !
    Stephen McCaffrey: You go, we go!

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