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June 25, 2017
Follow up, but not as good as Casablanca
½ December 1, 2014
International intrigue in hot spot Ankara, Turkey, during World War II is the center of this secret agent escapism--Well-Made, Well-Acted Formula Spy Thriller Is Entertaining... The 39 Steps meets Casablanca!!
½ July 2, 2014
WWII espionage and intrigue about George Raft trying to intercept documents that might sway Turkey to side with Nazi Germany. The story, written by W.R. Burnett with uncredted work by William Faulkner, is solid, if unspectacular. However, it's director Raoul Walsh's tough directing style and supporting performances by Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre that really elevate this film to being something memorable. I'd never sen this film before, but I liked it quite a lot.
½ June 5, 2013
Wednesday, June 5, 2013

(1943) Background To Danger

Based on the Eric Ambler novel called "Uncommon Danger" clocking at less than an hour and a half starring George Raft as Joe Barton who's an American spy infiltrating a Nazi ring who're trying to start a war between Turkey and Russia.
Although many action and chase sequences are very tame and cheesy to look at, it's still engrossing because it's fast paced cutting tot he chase.

3 out of 4 stars
½ February 7, 2011
Not a major Greenstreet/Lorre pairing here, but an enjoyably propagandistic bit of intrigue with typical studio hokum depicting exotic Ankara. Keep an eye on such montages for the hand of a young Don Siegel and check out Brenda Marshall, perhaps then still actively tolerating marriage to William Holden. This is now available in an excellent transfer from Warner Archive.
April 30, 2010
Well, I only saw pieces of this on TV, but considering there is no DVD made (and no in-print version period) I'll break my usual rule of not rating a movie until I've seen the whole thing.

Despite the awkward title, Background to Danger (henceforth referred to as "BtD") is a generally fun espionage thriller. The pacing is very 1940s, but looks fairly good. A rich B&W palate dishes up the constantly revolving settings.

As with many movies from the era, the action is in the wordplay and not the plot itself. However, there is one frantic car chase scene to really punch home the action element of the movie.

Worth seeing despite its flaws.
April 26, 2010
the third of the fat man trilogy incl maltese falcon & across the pacific doesn't disappoint this shouldn't be so little known!
½ June 25, 2009
Solid World War II espionage film with a terrific cast. Brenda Marshall and George Raft are particularly good. The cinematography is well done, suspenseful and well edited.
½ September 23, 2005
Solid World War II espionage film with a terrific cast. Brenda Marshall and George Raft are particularly good. The cinematography is well done, suspenseful and well edited.
½ October 8, 2004
I took today off - no work. I slept in, watched some TV, went to the Post Office, Starbucks, and then Target to pick up some things; did laundry, went to El Pollo Loco for lunch, and went through mail. At 5:00 p.m. PST, TCM showed the 1943 movie, "Background to Danger."
George Raft, Brenda Marshall, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre, Osa Massen

Raoul Walsh

Nazis, Soviets and American agent Raft are all after a cache of secret documents in the mysterious back alleys of WWII Turkey. Great, fast-moving spy tale handled expertly by Walsh. Based on Eric Ambler's Uncommon Danger...

I love WWII spy movies and this was a good one, released at the height of the war.

Since I am a thinker about different kinds of things, I'm going to ramble for awhile - LOL.

Lately I've been thinking about people - all sorts of people. We all seem to have strengths and weaknesses; good attitudes, bad attitudes; clarity and blind sides; laughter and tears. I'm usually harder on myself than I am on other people; I'm usually more critical of Christians (it takes one to know one ;) ) than of others, e.g., TV "christians" really irritate me, but I personally know smart, kind, funny Christians as well. Anyway, I digress...

I wish I could encourage more women and girls to appreciate themselves just as they are. Our culture is too anglo-youth, size 0-2 oriented - it really irkes me, because sometimes I fall prey to the culture and feel inferior to other women, and I mentally compare myself to others all the time.

This year has been a tough one for not only myself, but others I care about. Surgeries, assaults, chronic illnesses of various types, financial problems, all sorts of situations that cause stress (oh yeah, and a certain car accident, too!!). I find that these happenings which one has no control over really affect one's view of their world. For myself, one moment I'm lucid and have complete thoughts; the next moment I can't even put three words together.

IQ: Because I academically sucked in grade school through 8th grade (didn't really start to "get it" till my sophomore year of High School), my IQ number is probably too important to me. In the past year I have taken two different tests. The first test I took was not timed and I used a dictionary, ruler and calculator (American ingenuity!) and I scored 127. The second test was timed and I had to do all calculations in my head, my right-brain froze me (in other words, screwed me over) and my score was 116. Even though I know it's just a number I really want to be brilliant like some of my friends who are in the 135-160 range. Oh well, I do have "street smarts" which a lot of people don't seem to have, and I know how to think "outside the box."

Tomorrow is completely open for me like today - what bliss to be a lady of leisure, even if it's just for a day or two. :cool:

Love and peace. Mik
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