Bacurau (Nighthawk) Reviews

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April 17, 2020
It's a rallying cry against structural injustice told through a satisfying blend of western and science fiction influences.
April 5, 2020
It resonates. And despite the beauty of the weathered local faces this movie celebrates, it resonates for anyone, anywhere, watching it.
April 4, 2020
This movie gets a lot of points for being strange and Sônia Braga is all out as an alcoholic doctor.
April 4, 2020
You never know where this movie is going. It is dreamlike for a long time and then it just becomes stunningly, graphically violent. You're laughing at moments that maybe you shouldn't be. It's really vivid, really odd, and unlike anything else.
March 26, 2020
For a fascinating hour or so, "Bacurau" ushers us into this strange, forbidding yet vibrant part of a world gone to hell.
March 16, 2020
[T]he endeavour quickly degenerates into a gory and increasingly alienating splatter-filled shoot'em-up.
March 16, 2020
Prepare to be amazed.
March 11, 2020
Mendonça and Dornelles upend the movie cliché of urban heroes fleeing rural maniacs, but Bacurau has a depth of flavour not always easy to find...
March 10, 2020
While the story is genuinely surprising and unique once it gets where it's going, the diversions along the way make Bacurau more intellectually exciting than viscerally tense, even in that gory back half.
March 10, 2020
A film that is deeply embedded within, and knowledgable of, Brazil's treacherous modern history.
March 6, 2020
Bacurau never wastes a chance to leave a mark on its audience.
March 5, 2020
Part of what's exciting is how the filmmakers marshal genre in the service of their ideas, using film form to deflect, tease and surprise.
February 24, 2020
It crams elements of the western, John Carpenter-y beats, mordant wit and peppery political commentary into one hugely entertaining modern exploitation flick.
September 23, 2019
The light touches of science fiction evoke present-day depravities, and the vision of local unity offers a thrillingly imaginative playbook for resistance.
September 11, 2019
Survival classic The Most Dangerous Game gets a nod from this thriller by Kleber Mendonca Filho (Neighboring Sounds) and Juliano Dornelles, and so does the sci-fi horror genre.
September 8, 2019
A crazy genre hybrid that exudes the confidence of the people who made it.
September 7, 2019
Part siege movie, part rural drama, part gore-soaked freak-out, Bacurau is the one instance where it's the destination, not the journey, that matters.
August 9, 2019
A familiar premise is given new and unsettling life.
May 20, 2019
Some bits definitely work better than others, but there is definitely no wilder film.
May 18, 2019
Bacurau is so determined to make its political point that it doesn't fully cohere as drama, and the Americans are grossly caricatured. But it's quite the hallucination.
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