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December 5, 2017
Even though this movie was made five years ago, it's such a fantastic movie. I enjoyed this movie a lot. I talk about it a lot and tell my friends about how good it was. It was so fantastic and action-packed. I would watch this movie fifty times and not get bored. The music, the actors, everything about this movie was epic. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes action films. Danny Trejo is a Bad Ass!
August 15, 2017
Dude! I loved this movie. It reads like a true story made for TV. Danny Trejo is always so relatable. The guy is just such a badass, and yet he brings depth to a character that wouldn't have the same depth with many other actors. I love this guy. And I love the fanny pack! That is so what a Vietnam vet, hot dog vending dude would wear. I'm just sayin! I wish more movies featured this guy. I mean I felt for him, even at the end of the crazy finale. Hahaha. It's outrageous, and yet I couldn't stop watching. I had to see what happened at the end. The acting held together what was clearly not the best plot or storyline. ;)
July 29, 2017
Excellent movie! Full of action, suspense, romance, and comedy. Terrific acting by Danny Trejo as Frank Vega and Charles Dutton, especially the ending when Charles Dutton says to Joyful Drake "now how the he££ did Frank score a fine piece of a$$ like that" LOL!
July 15, 2017
This isn't a block buster film by any means...but it is entertaining. I enjoyed it for what it is. Trejo being a bad ass. Check out Bad Ass pt. 2. It's also very stars Danny Glover
Super Reviewer
½ June 28, 2017
Starts out cute and likable but devolves into implausible silliness
May 9, 2017
No merece mucho la pena. Empieza medianamente bien pero pierde interés muy rápido.
January 26, 2017
Un condecorado héroe de la guerra de Vietnam venido a menos, Frank Vega ( Danny Trejo) se vuelve popular en la ciudad por intervenir contra unos delincuentes que atacan a unos ancianos. Se verá envuelto en la investigación del asesinato de su mejor amigo, Klondike, y ante la inefectividad de la policía emprenderá su propia investigación para resolver el crimen. Me parece un gran reconocimiento a Danny Trejo y su larga carrera, casi siempre como el malo de turno, o uno de sus esbirros Esta vez el papel de heroe, desde la imagen del antihéroe, un anciano, un underdog se vuelve el protagonista de la película
½ November 6, 2016
If you miss Charles Bronson Death Wish like action flicks you'll enjoy this. Uneven but fun and Trejo is great.
June 25, 2016
This movie is bad ass
½ December 30, 2015
Love the spaghetti gangster stuff, Danny is a 71 year old Jason Statham. Imagine 25 years later ... when you are on social security and bored and a Nam vet ... why not. Every bit as good as a senior citizen James Bond.
December 17, 2015
Wasn't expecting 5 star quality but was pleasantly surprised.
December 17, 2015
It starts pretty much the way you'd expect it to and is mostly enjoyable, throwaway entertainment. But the climax with the bus chase scene? What the hell? It was like somebody accidentally spliced the climax of the Arnie/Bellushi movie Red Heat into Bad Ass. Seriously, I've never seen that happen in a film before and can't imagine what the director was thinking in doing so.
½ December 4, 2015
worst fight choreography, dialogue and acting i have seen in the last few years. this movie is the equivalent of a hairy, unwashed ballsack,
June 25, 2015
Getriatrisessa vigilantekomediassa Danny Trejo lähes näyttelee. Miehekästä hubaa.
June 22, 2015
It was an okay film, I wasn't expecting these, but this is badly enjoyable if you don't expect too much. It was like watching "Death Wish" for the YouTube generation and if nothing is quite what it should be, its easy disposable entertainment. So for this being okay after Danny Trejo coming out of his hit "Machete" and deliver a solid performance in this new movie, I give "Bad Ass" a C.
May 9, 2015
Crap writing, crap acting, crap directing and WAY TOO MUCH political correctness!
½ May 5, 2015
Gotta love Danny Trejo, but he can't really carry this tongue-in-check vengeance/gangster film. It's OK - some funny moments, a decent bus chase, but nothing of significance happens and there's certainly nothing new or unique.
March 27, 2015
Very enjoyable and I liked the mostly realistic action. Contains a solid story that never swerves and Danny Trejo was a good cast choice. I believe it would've made good money if it was put in theaters.
March 4, 2015
It's often difficult to tell what's bad on purpose or just badly handled. The cargo shorts and fanny pack? Purposely funny. The slack pacing? Probably not.
½ December 27, 2014
Typical Trejo, but pretty solid action flick.
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