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½ July 23, 2016
Bad is correct, and not in a good bad way, either.
August 28, 2015
This movie is like one long music video acid trip. Worth the watch for B movie purposes.
October 13, 2014
Bad Channels is a bad movie. The below average make-up and design along with annoying characters make this an extremely stupid B-movie.
½ March 29, 2014
Bad Channels is yet another B-level sci-fi/horror film from the minds at Full Moon, and it feels more like an 80s film than a 90s one. However, it manages to be a truly fun bit of camp featuring hair bands, alien fungus, robots, and a D.J. who might just be able to save the planet. Stupid on every possible level, Bad Channels doesn't make a lot of sense, but it is loads of fun for those who can dismiss things like logic and quality.
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March 26, 2014
Probably one of Band's cheapest looking and oddest flicks, if that's possible, and certainly in the trashy B-movie realm. No real sense behind the plot other than aliens trying to capture human females for some pointless reason.

This all takes place in a radio station with a lot of cheap looking effects and hammy rubber alien suits. Its not too predictable as its basically completely off the wall with at least two music/band sequences in the film. This of course is bizarre for a movie and makes the whole thing seem like some low budget music video off MTV.

Its an utterly screwball flick but it does have a certain charm to it at times, plus its the prequel to 'Dollman Vs Demonic Toys' so I've read. There is a very short sequence after the end credits with Tim Thomerson as 'Dollman' that does give the hardcore Band fanboys something to smile about...if you liked 'Dollman' that is.
January 31, 2013
A back country radio station is about to become the base of operations for a sinister alien being, who plans on using the airwaves to lure voluptuous young women into his evil clutches! How, exactly, does the alien go about collecting these women, you may ask? He transmits radio signals that make them envision themselves in a bad music video before they are shrunk down and teleported into tiny glass vials. Seems simple enough, right? Full Moon brings us another spaced out comedy in BAD CHANNELS, a silly spoof of the invasion movies of the 50s with 1980s sensibilities. Paul Hipp plays our wacky shock jock hero Dangerous Dan with plenty of enthusiasm, bringing life to what could have been an otherwise dull experience. The cleverness of the plot begins and ends with Dangerous Dan's Wellesian attempt to warn the public of their impending doom, then it is right back to rubber monsters and Grade-A cheese. SUBSPECIES director Ted Nicolaou sets the mood for a perfect B-Movie, but, in a fatal flaw, allows the awful music videos to take up more screen time than the alien action. Full Moon fans are sure to relish the droll humor in this goofy comedy, however.
½ July 27, 2012
Fun! Silly in some parts. A great movie to just have a good time seeing.
May 30, 2012
This abominable crime against the art of filmmaking deserves the death penalty. The screenplay is awful, the direction is just as bad and, with the exception of lead Paul Hipp (who does show some promise), the performances are even worse. With laughable make-up and special effects, an appalling soundtrack, and a budget that might suggest the film was funded by a non-profit organisation, 'Bad Channels' is easily the worst film of its year, most likely the worst film of its decade, and will be a strong contender for being the worst film of all time. But what else can one say about a production that makes the collective works of Ed Wood look like masterpieces? [zero stars / 0%]
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½ January 3, 2012
Possibly one of the worst film I've ever seen, the acting was so bad and I know they didn't do it on purpose. And story? Don't even mention it, it was not funny at all, you really can't call this junk a spoof. Even the idea itself is so stupid: Random aliens collecting women with radiowaves that shrinks and teleports them. The whole film is so cheap looking, I could barely watch it (I almost died during the first 10 minutes) R2D2!!?? Spare me please.
June 16, 2011
J√≥ nagy mosl√ (C)k egy film volt ez, mindenesetre m√°r a csak a Sykotik Sinfoney nevezetŇĪ Mr Bungle k√≥pia zenekar miatt √ (C)rdemes volt v√ (C)gigszenvedni. Megjelen√ (C)s√ 1/4k √ 1/4de √ (C)s egyetlen sz√≠nfoltja volt ennek a tr√≥ger szarnak.
½ May 17, 2011
Was this a comedy? Because, I guess it might have been. I really don't know anymore. A new radio station goes nationwide because some genius discovered a clear channel on the am dial. Channel 66. Martha Quinn was there to cover it. The shock jock is chained up. Then he isn't because of a payola prank. Then some aliens come down to steal our rock and roll video vixens. I think. It is never clear what their intention is nor if they are really made out of the athlete's foot fungus. The gimmick in this movie, aside from Peanut the small short order cook, is that before the women are zapped into the little geraniums, they are mesmerized by the rock and roll music broadcast on the radio. They think they are in a cheap music video and dance and wiggle and change into slut outfits to do it. The sad thing is that the bands featured in this creature feature never made it out of the LA pay to play bar scene. Maybe they hoped this movie would catapult them into stardom. Which would really have put the dumb into that word. In the end the aliens are defeated because - 1. they steal all the same women from the same small town for some stupid and ill-planned plan. and 2. fungus spray kills them. In short, worst invasion ever.
½ January 1, 2011
Fun! Silly in some parts. A great movie to just have a good time seeing.
November 13, 2010
This "prequel" to Dollman vs Demonic Toys is just a ton of fun. Though I could have done without the silliness from the alien and his robot, the rest of the film mostly makes up for it. And with a soundtrack put together by Blue Oyster Cult and featuring Fair Game and Sykotik Sinfoney it's nice to listen to which is a bonus. In fact there are some great hard rock moments in the film that had me laughing out loud as I wish I had long hair again to headbang with. The film is almost a musical there's so much music in it. Not a great film by any extent but having mostly one main location allowed the film to look a lot better than it might have otherwise as they could concentrate on making the radio station look good.
If you like hard rock music and b movies, Bad Channels was made for you.
September 4, 2010
I have to admire the versatility of long time Charles Band collaborator Ted Nicolaou. This guy can direct dark, serious material like Subspecies and Vampire Journals and turn around and direct tongue-in-cheek sci fi comedies like TerrorVision and Bad Channels. I was a fan of the humorous TerrorVision (why that B-movie classic isn't on DVD I will never know!) so I went into Bad Channels open-minded. Though the result isn't as good as his earlier foray into the world of spoofy science fiction, it was still enjoyable enough as an early Full Moon Entertainment "classic."

Bad Channels is about an alien that comes to earth in order to shrink beautiful women to 13 inches tall, store them in bottles and take them home. Why does he want to do this? It never explains and spoofy sci fi film like this doesn't need to. Maybe he likes playing with live Barbie dolls. This alien with his little robot sidekick break into the newly started KDUL radio station in order to take it over and use the airwaves to narrow in and trap the beautiful women. Thankfully a controversial disc jockey and a bitchy news reporter are out trying to save the day.

It's nice to see a Full Moon film actually meant to be tongue-in-cheek as most of their output comes out being unintentionally funny (though I still enjoy them, from their classic era anyway). The appearance of our alien is quite hilarious with its huge bumpy helmet that looks like a turd with a port hole to see through. Some of the acting is bad but then again with a tongue-in-cheek film like this it just adds to the fun. Though has beens by this time, it's still cool to have rock legends Blue Oyster Cult doing the soundtrack. Blue Oyster Cult doing a film score, especially a low budget direct-to-video film? I never thought I would see the day.

I do have to complain as some of the film seems like Full Moon is desperately trying to self-promote heavy metal and hard rock bands they had signed to their record label Moonstone Records. Every time our alien is about to transport a girl, it seems to hypnotize her and she believes to be appearing in a music video and starts dancing with a band before being teleported. Why does this have to happen before she gets teleported? Again it never says and it just feels like shameless self promotion. These "music video" segments I like to call them are also boringly shot and the bands that are signed to Moonstone Records are not surprisingly not that good. Pretty forgettable music mixed with lackluster "music video" shenanigans makes these sequences drag on.

For a direct-to-video spoofy science fiction film, Bad Channels isn't that horrible. I had some fun with it even though there is little plot and it feels like it was written around to promote Full Moons record label Moonstone. It's definitely no TerrorVision but those better earlier Empire Film days will never be again. Make sure to stay tuned after the opening credits to see a cameo with Dollman (another Full Moon film). Actually a character in this film would return later into the Full Moon crossover Dollman vs. the Demonic Toys.
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August 5, 2010
When a alien crash lands in a small town it decides the one place that would be perfect to take over would be the neighborhood radio station of coarse the DJ on for the night is one known for his stunts and no one at first believes him as the alien starts to collect women and shrinking them down to size to keep them captive in small jars. I believe the plot says it all here this movie is pure cheese some are gonna like it some are gonna hate it so watch at your own risk i just thought it was ok not really sure id see it again
April 21, 2010
Goofy 80s fun from Full Moon‚?¶except that it was made in the 90s. Still, if you enjoy some low budget, cheesy horror/comedy, like Critters or Horror Vision, you could do worse. Former MTV VJ, Martha Quinn stars, and doesn't totally suck. The effects are pretty silly and the story is extremely silly. The odd thing is that it could actually have been a family friendly film if not for the pervasive strong language. There's pretty much no sex, and the violence is mostly cornball and cartoony. It's worth a watch if you enjoy the sillier side of 80s genre films, but not something to go out of your way to see.
February 5, 2010
think the more times you sit through this the more you appreciate it. great soundtrack.
October 6, 2009
Badly acted and a less than average plot, this film is low budget with some rather strange musical bits. Quite bizarre, sort of entertaining in places, sort of nonsense too.
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