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August 22, 2014
Almodovar on good form here; it's interesting and with a few good twists.
½ July 16, 2014
Couldn't get into the story, but at least the movie stays relatively straightforward and not overly melodramatic (well it is, but not to the heights of other Almodovar over the top-ness). I think the problem for me was there was no character I particularly liked, and the story wasn't that great either (not bad, just middle of the road).
½ June 22, 2014
A strange, but well-acted and thought provoking film.
½ May 15, 2014
Almodovar cleverly constructs an engaging storyline dealing with heavy topics.
April 13, 2014
Very powerful, with great performances.
March 17, 2014
Pas le plus captivant. On dirait que la chimie opère pas toujours.
½ February 26, 2014
I'm not an Almodover fan but this was one of his best movies for me.
½ January 28, 2014
Una pelicula muy delirante!
January 17, 2014
This movie has been within my top favorite movies since the first time I watched it. It's a drama/mystery story with an unexpected twist. I love movies with unexpected endings and this movie definitely delivers that.
December 31, 2013
Not the best Almodovar film to date but an interesting insight into his childhood and what made him become such a talented and unusual film maker.
December 26, 2013
the one that flummoxes those who lazily compare Almodovar and Bunuel
½ October 12, 2013
out of almodovar's films na napanood ko, dito ako nalito. di ko nahulaan yung twist.
September 23, 2013
When it comes to evocative, alternative cinema, it seems that Pedro Almodovar can do no wrong and this psychosexual, semi-autobiographical drama is yet another proof-piece. The meandering screenplay and inventive editing make for a compelling mystery with both style and substance; pulling viewers through a portal into a world of arresting relationships and scorching secrets.
In the wrong hands, Bad Education could've been the stuff of exploitation horror or heavy-handed thriller, yet Almodovar's tasteful treatment of taboo and precarious passion for storytelling ensure his work is every inch a masterpiece. Utterly unmissable.
September 21, 2013
Another perfectly directed, beautifully written and wonderfully acted film that can only come from Pedro Almodóvar, Fele Martinez and GAEL GARCIA BERNAL. Tragic, as real life is always, but beautiful.
August 19, 2013
Pedro Almodóvar's La mala educación is intriguing, fascinating melodrama about a series of stories masterfully joined together by Almodóvar's trademark direction, a carefully-written, puzzle-like script, and passionate, wonderful performances. Gael García Bernal is specially fearless, and sort of wonderful on his role.
August 9, 2013
"Bad Education" is very similar too many of Almoldovar's films from the 2000's like "Volver" and "Broken Embraces" in terms of cast, style, mood, and story. Saying anything about the plot will diminish its value to first-time viewers, but it is about child molestation in the catholic church. The film is wonderfully scripted with your usual Almoldovar twists and turns. You know nothing about the film and then, you watch the story unfold gradually. I think Almoldovar is the most original screenwriter since Woody Allen. His plot has a message about the consequences of pedophilia and prostitution. The cast is great as usual especially Gael Garcia Bernal who plays multiply distinct roles enveloped in the same character. Also, all of these great actors play really well fleshed-out characters. Almoldovar is a real chameleon with his versatile direction. He can direct suspense, drama, comedy, and tragedy in one film. Almoldovar films are guaranteed to entertain and this one does not come short in any way. Some scenes are extremely powerful such as the scene where a homosexual boy looks at another during a ceremony, but is then forced to turn around by the jealous priest. Overall, "Bad Education," although not my personal favorite Almoldovar film is continuously spell-bounding containing rich writing, an ideal cast, and some of Almoldovar's best direction.
½ July 23, 2013
Raw, direct.. Left me thinking for a couple days.
½ July 12, 2013
Almodovar's fines work, or at least in his top two. Loved it!
½ July 12, 2013
Insane. Amazing, well-acted, disturbing, and insane.
½ May 18, 2013
É realmente uma grande compilação de sucessos da obra de Almodóvar - todas as faixas de destaque estão aqui, mas com nenhum do contexto e da alma proporcionada por esses números conjuntivo.
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