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June 15, 2016
Doris Wishman is an under appreciated American institution. In a time when hipster culture rushes to embrace all forms of kitsch and irony, it's a mystery that Bad Girls Go to Hell and the rest of Wishman's catalog aren't more universally recognized as trash classics. Emphasizing period lingerie and decor and hilariously sending up 1960's social mores, Bad Girls is more a time capsule smashed with a whacko hammer than what most viewers expect from an exploitation movie. Wishman's overdubbing is certainly an acquired taste, but the flat, clipped dialogue spoken in voices that may or not be the actors' plays an integral part in the enjoyment of the film. Instead of psychedelic dance parties or drug trips, Wishman focuses instead in an almost instructional manner on "natural" looking women constantly taking on and off every garment imaginable. Controversial in its ambivalent, matter-of-fact depictions of sexual assault and abuse, Bad Girls Go to Hell is a master class on women's roles in society and is ripe for re-discovery.
March 23, 2016
This movie has great black and white picture quality contrasting with badly-acted dialogues overdubbed on upbeat jazzy music while the lead character gets victimized every 10 minutes or so. For a 65-minute movie, there is a surprisingly high number of long scenes not contributing in any way to the storyline that show an urban setting or women in their underwear.
½ June 25, 2015
Pretty much an offensive film towards Women and victims of rape. With deadpan direction and awful acting this film is totally rubbish.
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½ November 13, 2013
With a running time that barely breaks an hour, it would be fair to assume that Doris Wishman's 'Bad Girls Go To Hell' is a straight through and through film that leaves little space for baggage, it would also be fair to assume that this cult 60s sexploitation earned it's status as a classic of the genre. In fact, it would be fair to assume many things about this film before watching it, none of which could prepare you for what you get. Overlong, meritless trash.

Gigi Darlene plays Meg Kelton, a housewife who is one day raped by her janitor whilst putting out the trash dressed in her nightie. Literally seconds after returning home Meg receives a note telling her that if she doesn't go to the janitor's apartment her husband will find out about what happened. For some reason that defies any explanation she decides to comply with the notes' request only to be raped again (God knows what she was expecting). During the second rape, however, Meg kills the janitor and instead of calling the police and telling them what happened (with the note as proof), runs away to New York.

Nonsensical plot aside, 'Bad Girls Go To Hell' has little to offer in terms of enjoyment. Sure, the 1960s beauties featured throughout may have enticed some extremely lowbrow form of enjoyment when it came out, but modern viewers watching for lewd thrills would be better off flicking through today's music video channels.

As well as this, the film shines a forgiving light on rape, seeing it as an act with no repercussions other then the victim fighting back. Throughout the film Meg is raped four times, beaten, and assumingly, if the end of the film is anything to go by, subjected to the exact same thing whilst the credits are rolling. All while the jolly soundtrack has you thinking, "Is this upbeat tune really fitting rape music?"

Perhaps the biggest insult the film offers is the ending, which, without going into too much detail, renders any investment you may (but probably won't have) made in the film for nothing.

Verdict: If bad girls really do go to hell, this tortuous film is presumably stuck on repeat.
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April 18, 2011
This movie starts out pretty good, but as it goes along, you can tell it's a poorly made low budget movie, and then it all ends horribly. It really could have been much better. I don't recommend this movie.
½ January 18, 2011
As dumb as a rock, and just about as interesting.
September 28, 2010
love me some doris wishman!
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