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May 13, 2014
Billy Bob Thornton has proven he can do pretty much anything, but he simply does not look haggard, washed-up or miserable enough to be a believable Morris Buttermaker, the role Walter Matthau immortalized.
May 13, 2014
Even if you never saw the original Bad News Bears, you've probably seen this movie. You know, the one where the reluctant coach pulls together the ragtag bunch of misfits and teaches them important lessons about teamwork.
April 29, 2009
Linklater's directorial prowess can not be argued, but "Bad News Bears" just isn't good enough to watch again...
September 8, 2006
I'm not sure why filmmakers think we want to see kids put into dark situations and berated with profanities by Billy Bob Thornton.
July 15, 2006
...what should've been a fun and breezy comedy is ultimately transformed into an incredibly tedious ordeal...
May 12, 2006
There's just no reason for this thing.
December 2, 2005
Too tame to attract now middle-aged viewers who remember the original and want to see Billy Bob Thornton play it like Bad Santa, it's still a little too raunchy to secure parental approval for pre-highschoolers.
September 10, 2005
Thornton seldom evokes the deep reserves of benevolence bubbling just beneath Matthau's comical, curmudgeon surface, and he has not nearly perfected the signature Matthau slow-burn.
August 10, 2005
Billy Bob Thornton teaches kids about drinkin', cussin', and a little bit of baseball - not a classic, but still occasionally fun.
August 7, 2005
The remake doesn't improve on the original, nor does it change it significantly enough to make it seem worth the effort.
August 5, 2005
Fails to rise above medium-to-low expectations, but it's not a huge mistake
August 2, 2005
Thornton's virtuoso performance is the only reason to plunk down hard earned bucks for this surprisingly lifeless remake of 'The Bad News Bears.'
August 1, 2005
In today's anything-goes society, the sight of 12-year-olds cussing like sailors on the screen no longer carries any novelty.
July 29, 2005
One lazy foul ball.
July 27, 2005
There has to be a better reason to remake a movie than to drop the word 'the' from its title.
July 27, 2005
Bad News Bears has been robbed of its nerve and repackaged for multiplex consumption.
July 26, 2005
There is nothing wrong per se with this new version of The Bad News Bears. That said, the new version lacks the bite of what we saw in the mid-70's.
July 26, 2005
More irksome is the ordained focus on plot undulation and simplistic motivation, as if nobody remembered that the first film was a social satire.
July 26, 2005
Nobody can pull off quite the same combination of apathy and rage as Billy Bob Thornton.
July 26, 2005
The film equivalent of a tribute band.
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