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½ April 3, 2019
Although this movie has a lot of loose ends, the cinematography was excellent, the contrast of color (even using sepia), photo angles, music and characters added to the premise of how the story was portrayed. Also, having so many loose ended character stories giving those watching the opportunity for some reflective and thought provoking conclusions as to who and what these character scenes represent and how our lives conflict/contrast and merge together. I heard about the movie after recently visiting Newberry Springs,Can unique route 66 Bagdad Cafe, meeting the people and surroundings there, gave a better understanding of how the location was chosen for the movie. I would highly recommend that people watch this movie more than once.. revealing a different perspective each time viewed
½ November 13, 2018
An oddball and Percy Adlon's most famous film, probably the only one to give him a name on the map. It was Oscar nominated back in 87 and has won a few awards.

Jasmin, a lonely German lady, ends up in a isolated Cafe. The place is a mess and there are few guests at the place. The owners are sick of the place and it surely needs some update. Jasmin decides to join in - she is forcing in on it really, as she shines up the place and starts dealing with costumers. She is very likeable and after a lot of sceptisism, she turns popular and the ones involved in the shack is liking her a lot.

This is sort of a feel good film. It has rather long scenes, often with a message and it's shot with weird angles. The color usage is often lovely, like the orange or purple skies or landskape shots. There are also plenty of props here, like boomerangs, the coffee machine, German clothings and magic props.

I never really dig it. It's not straight, but not that weird. It's sweet but too gentle. OK performances and an all right story, but it never pushes the buttons that I hoped it would effect. OK, with few flaws and a hint of humor, drama and a pretty production, but not enough of anything, really.

5 out of 10 coffeemakers.
½ November 6, 2017
The mere opening makes you stop and think, about how cut-and-dried most Hollywood movies are. There would seem to be no place in today's entertainment industry for movies about fat German ladies and homesick truck stops.
½ August 31, 2017
The wide desert, the straight roads and a lone café with a poetic name - such an inspiring image made me curious about 'Bagdad Café'. The film was unexpected - and I can't think of another one which shares its eccentric feel. While at first I was left disoriented, 'Bagdad Café' then grow and improve, definitely impacting me. It's a bizarre but touching film which is almost absurd to rank - it's off scale.
February 16, 2017
Watched Bagdad Cafe after 27 years and fell in love again. One of the best movies ever. I forever after loved CCH Pounder and this movie made me think that in America you can be yourself, be different, no judgement, unlike the 1990s South Africa I found myself in. How the world have changed
December 6, 2016
I did not care for this movie. Overacting by CCH Pounder. I didn't buy the story. CCH and her family were mean to the German lady and then all of a sudden they love her. Because she can do some crappy magic tricks. Yawn.
Super Reviewer
½ November 24, 2016
This enjoyable fable is expertly edited and knows how to use a surreal cinematography to enhance the sense of oddness created by its rather unusual story. But it also doesn't know how to end and simply drifts without any clear direction in the last fifteen minutes.
August 25, 2016
Fine film about people on the fringes of the world. That world, however, is lost to almost everyone else. "Bagdad Cafe" shows us rich characterization among the desolate landscape. It should be sought out.
May 27, 2015
A quirky little film that has actually aged very well.
April 12, 2015
Watched this for the second time in 20 years still great
February 9, 2014
This is a wonderful movie and one of our favorite films of all time! (And you can get the DVD from Netflix!)
½ October 1, 2013
Friday, September 27, 2013

(1987) Bagdad Café

The introduction is vague but for some reason I don't mind. Before anyone were to see this film, one would have to pose this question to oneself. What would happened if an overweight lady-like tourist from Germany who is completely oblivious about American customs comes to settle in to the most unlikely area for no tourist would consider to visit which is a run-down café located in the middle of nowhere. If you're prepared to witness an unlikely scenario since movies are nothing but unlikely scenarios. This happens to be one of them but without CGI or Die Hard-like action set pieces. A human drama with actual people who become accustomed to one another which is somewhat similar to "The Shawshank Redemption" except that the characters and situations are different. At the start, we see an affluent overweight German lady arguing with her husband who eventually drives away leaving her behind with her things left around. She is then forced to walk by herself along the desert highway. It is there she stops to a café, she then asks a grouchy African American lady whether it's Bagdad or not. At this point I assume whether or not she meant the city of Bagdad. But as it turns out it's exactly where she wanted to be, as her working ethnic background encourages others to do the same. Yes, it's like another of those 'pay it forward' type of drama films but for some reason it's captivating since America is not just about already well groomed or polished Americans who have already succeeded, but also about how Americans can succeed without their good looks.

3 out of 4 stars
July 2, 2013
Normally I can't stand comedies and that's because most of them are so obvious and dull. Bagdad Cafe on the other hand, is exactly the kind of comedy I love. It's free from cliche, interesting to look at, and with a score that is haunting - who can forget the beautiful song 'Calling You'? This truly quirky movie is so touching, hilarious and original. The cinematography is incredible (reminiscent of Robby Muller) and director Percy Adlon keeps things cinematic and incredibly compelling. It's just a minor gem but one that's well worth discovering again and again. The cast of character are wildly varied and at its heart is a story of friendship. It definitely has a bit of a Coens touch with some of Lynch thrown in. The film is clearly a labor of love and one of the best comedic gems of the 80's.
April 20, 2013
One of the most perfect movies ever made. A querky story about the transformation of a group of misfits. Acting, sets, music - the best.
April 18, 2013
Just watched this quirky film starring CCH Pounder (love her!) and Marianne Sagebrecht. In the mood for something different? Great fun!
February 24, 2013
One of the most perfect movies ever made. A querky story about the transformation of a group of misfits. Acting, sets, music - the best.
February 2, 2013
It's a tasteful movie. 'Calling You' by Jevetta Steele in the soundtrack is really impressive.
January 1, 2013
Quirky. Very much so, but in the nicest of ways. CCH Pounder and the Bavarian guest were wonderful!
December 24, 2012
"There's nothing tragic, cause it's all magic."
What a lovely film.... (This movie kinda reminds me of another film 'Thelma and Louise'.)
December 20, 2012
Quirky heartwarming story
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