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January 23, 2014
Love is worth fighting for. True to its movie tagline, this is a wonderful and nice period and romance movie which also explicitly promotes Baler and Aurora province as a place to visit with the use of scenic sights as a background. This theme also qualifies it as a good travel movie. This is a period romance movie about ill-fated love with historical background about The Siege of Baler. If you're into a historical movie with a twist of conflict and romance, then this film is for you. Actually, I was driven to watch this movie when I visited Baler. It made me curious about it and the awards it earned at the 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival in which it took home a lot of honors including the Best Picture award. Though, Baler is not a perfect movie, one of which is the unnecessary subplot of a second love team within the story, it was overall well-written, true to the life performances of the actors and has a good story to tell about Philippine history. It was after watching it, I realized that it deserve the awards it won at the 2008 MMFF.
June 28, 2012
This one's a bit affecting my intestine... The story flows smooth plus the actors are just stunning...
½ March 13, 2011
WTF???? Best Picture??? Did MMFF get bribed??!! I can't believe using movie maker can give you a best editing award!!! Terrible Acting!!! That Bravo da puppy never grew! WTF???
½ January 9, 2011
filipino movies always lack research! come on! a half filipna half austraiian to play a FILIPINA! not to mention she has highlights on her hair! do "maria elena" characters have highlights and looks caucasian? also the leading actor who plays a HALF SPANISH soldier looks like a pure blood filipno! haaaaayyy nako! didnt finnish the movie plus philip salvador is over acting!
June 12, 2010
A dragging historical movie with an awkward love story thrown in the middle of the chaos. Jericho is the only saving grace.
½ March 8, 2010
A fantastic movie that I saw when I visited Manila in Christmas 2008. Love, war, tragedy,comedy, birth,death it is all there!
November 11, 2009
nice movie, great actor and actress, this movie got a whole bunch of awards
November 9, 2009
this is cool filipino movie yea
November 4, 2009
it was like the old spanish era in the phi
October 4, 2009
international release?
well ill support it
i love anne curtis
shes the best!
October 1, 2009
this is my favorite movie
September 22, 2009
want to see it since i'll be having a movie review with this...can anybody share this with me?-hulp!=\0
September 15, 2009
One of the best Filipino movies for me, I am from Maria Aurora a nearby town from Baler and i never known how great the story of the Baler Siege is until i watched the movie. I'm surprised to know that the love story of Celso and Feliza really did exist as what is mentioned on the last part of the movie. The direction is good, so as the cinematography. Though a lot of people keep on saying that there are character mismatches in the film, the actors and actresses particularly the lead characters really did a great job. The movie deserves its wins...
August 4, 2009
i luuuuuuuv this movie
½ July 19, 2009
ganda like it...........
½ May 12, 2009
a good story...but having anne as the female lead role is inappropriate even though she won best actress here. she is not a pure filipino!
½ April 9, 2009
Saved by the cinematography and the tragedy... otherwise this might be one pointless pointless movie about pointless patriotism.

The lack of continuity is mind numbing, who cares if it won 11 awards... if you are undersieged for 339 days, you should be anorexic, not all muscle-y.

Poor Anne Curtis, her half Oz blood made it difficult for people to accept her character to be pure Indio, no matter how good a role she plays.

The battle sequence made me sleepy. I NEVER fell asleep during war scenes in other films! Nunca, never, nada mas! This is the first.
April 6, 2009
This Movie Needs more Action and Moustaches...
April 5, 2009
Pinoy should make movies like this. Not always drama...coz it sucks
March 27, 2009
A must see film! =)

The cinematography is very awesome...
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