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Bang Bang You're Dead Quotes

  • Trevor Adams: When I'm gone, you'll all have this to ponder, and maybe realize why I did what I did. A little push in front of other kids is a very big deal, particularly when you know it’s gonna happen to you every single day, every single day, every single day, you're almost relieved when it actually happens. You're always waiting, waiting for the next attack. They don’t just hurt kids, they make you hurt yourself.
    Trevor Adams: I can't take two more years of this, and the more they call me the mad bomber, the more they're scaring themselves. They don't know what I'm capable of, they don't know what I can do.

  • Sean: You wanna go manage some anger?

  • Trevor Adams: Some people don't even need a gun to hurt you. They use words or laughter or enjoy watching you bleeding to death. They get off on watching you fighting back the tears, getting a lump in your throat, blushing, wanting to cry.

  • Police Chief Bud McGee: Why do you bring a video camera to school?
    Trevor Adams: The same reason you bring a gun to work. To shoot people.

  • Trevor Adams: kerosene fuse match... boom! ;)
    Trevor Adams: Kerosene. Fuse. Match. Boom!

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