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½ February 12, 2011
A trio of supernatural short stories from the Pang brothers who were responsible for the spooky "Eye" trilogy. Each segment has its varying range of creepy content with the first being the scariest of the three. They're all watchable and decent though with the last of the them being the stronger overall with a clever little twist at the end. It's not greatness though - acting is average, some parts are confusing during the first story and budget constraints make things look too cheap. If you like Asian ghost movies then check this out, but for those who don't find pale skinned, dead-eyed asian girls with long hair scary then avoid this.
December 12, 2010
Not a bad horror movie at all if you ask me. Not the best either though.
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March 13, 2009
The first story of the trio is pretty much the standard haunting based on love that went wrong, the other two stories are more unusual but overall the film relies more on atmosphere (which in places is a bit too subtle) than on frights or chills. Some of the effects are interesting considering the relatively low budget, and the acting isn't terrible.
If you're interested in watching this it would be better to watch it as a set of supernatural drama stories, rather than as horror. Have fun noticing the occasional western horror references too.
November 18, 2008
Didn't hold my attention at all and the stories were weak and confusing.
September 11, 2008
Major let down, only 1 of the stories is mildly scary. Looks good but just doesn't live up to its potential.
August 24, 2008
Some of the best horror movies of this young century having been coming out of Thailand. Unfortunately, I wouldn‚??t count Phee sam baht aka Bangkok Haunted among them. What you have here are three stories being told by three young women sitting inside a Bangkok bar. Each vignette strikes its own unique tone and conveys its own peculiar atmosphere, but all share a complete lack of scares, seem to end prematurely, and ‚?? most importantly ‚?? left me feeling confused to varying degrees.
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July 16, 2008
Oxide Pang's segment is good. The others are so-so.
½ April 2, 2008
More a crime movie with a supernatural dash to it. It was disturbing but not in the supernatural sense. Was okay.
December 14, 2007
if they had taken the scary story from this movie and made it into a full length horror movie, it would hav been superb!! the other 2mini stories suck really!!
½ November 3, 2007
Not what i expected, not a great level of production but the stories and the whole idea and way it was done was good, really good film.
½ October 30, 2007
Tre ganska bra spökhistorier.
½ October 25, 2007
Considering Oxide Pang is behind this, it isn't very scary at all. Some of it is pretty interesting but not enough to make me want to recommend it to someone, or watch it again
½ July 11, 2007
not really good... and pretty much confusing.
June 13, 2007
Disappointingly poor.
½ March 14, 2007
Cool! Haunting, 3 ghost stories in one movie
5-6 years ago
February 13, 2007
I want to see it... I love Thai movies.
October 8, 2006
3 women/3 stories: romantic, eerie, dramatic.
½ July 22, 2006
a disapontment from
Oxide Pang-Chun, i expected more than average from the director of Abnormal Beauty.
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June 3, 2006
The film is dissapointing as it never quite captures the atmosphere of countless other Asian horrors. The film comes off looking like some second rate gritty 80's production. There are a few nice ideas, and since the film is made of three shorts you can take them at your leisure.
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